COVID-19 Statement


In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic we are working hard not only to continue to provide our usual services we are also striving for utmost cleanliness with our staff and every product that leaves our doors. Shipping only within the continental United States and maintaining good hygiene practices means that we are doing everything within our power to keep our customers and staff healthy. 

That said, golf is still a game that can be enjoyed in this situation, and with so much darkness and negativity going on right now it might be good to have a little bit of a bright aspect to life. We urge you to stay smart, safe and healthy, but if the weather is nice, a little bit of social distancing down the fairway is never a bad thing. 


What Next?

With the current environment we are planning to continue operations as normal for the foreseeable future. We are keeping an eye on the news every day and discussing courses of action as new updates are released. We are keeping an open-mind for what is the right decision to make for our customers and for our employees. We honor and respect the United States Government's guidance in these uncertain times. 


Order Fulfillment

Some orders may be delayed due to government restrictions on manufacturers product fulfillment. However, most orders should not be affected as we offer most of our products from on-hand inventory.