Bushnell Excel GPS Range Finder Watch - Black
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Bushnell Excel GPS Range Finder Watch - Black

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Bushnell Excel GPS Range Finder Watch

What do you want from a GPS watch? Bluetooth capabilities? Check. Long battery life? Check. A easy to use/read face? Check. Weather proof? Check.

The Bushnell does all of these, and then some.

  • The watch acts as a sort of smart watch, allowing you to get course updates and information on your phone, as well as being able to get phone information (calls, messages, and calender notifications) on your watch. 
  • The battery life allows you to play 3 straight rounds before needing a charge.
  • The display is full color and has an auto brightness adjuster.
  • 35,000+ courses are pre-loaded into it.
  • And it works as a normal watch, plus a stopwatch, timer, and alarm for when you want to sleep with it on becuase you love it so much.

In short, Not only will this GPS watch make your golf game easier, it will also make your life easier.

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