Bushnell Golf Patriot Pack Tour V4 Laser Range Finder

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Bushnell Golf Patriot Pack Tour

This range finder measures out from 5-1,000 yards. And as the average hole is way less than 500 yards, the disntance is well within reach. The Bushnell is accurate to 1 yard, meaning that your measurements will basically be right on the money and you can honestly brag to your friends about that 300 yarder you just smacked into next week.

It also has up to 5x magnifaction so you can easily find that ball after it's smacking. The rangefinder focuses fast, is water resistent, and easy to use. With Bushnell's JOLT feature, the rangefinder will give you a gentle vibrate to let you know you have an accurate reading.

*Battery and carry case are included.