Bushnell Neo Ion 2 GPS Range Finder Watch - Black/Lime

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Bushnell Neo Ion 2 GPS Range Finder Watch

What do you want from a GPS watch? Bluetooth capabilities? Check. Long battery life? Check. A easy to use/read face? Check. 

The Bushnell does all of these, and then some.

  • The watch acts as a sort of smart watch, allowing you to get course updates and information on your phone. It also has an integrated step ccounter for reaching those fitness goals.
  • The battery life allows you to play 3 straight rounds before needing a charge.
  • The display is incredibly readable for easy distance checking.
  • 36,000+ courses in 30 different countries are pre-loaded into it.
  • The watch will automatically recognize what course you are at, and advance holes as you do.
  • The band is reversible to match your style preference.