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ClicGear RV1S Push Cart

ClicGear RV1S Push Cart

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Rovic RV1S Push Cart

A legend in the world of push carts, the RV1S is a course favorite for good reason. Firstly, it is a lightweight, streamlined frame that not only makes pushing on the fairway easy, but also when you go looking through the woods for your ball. The swivel front wheel also makes maneuvering as easy as Tom Cruise's F16 in the mid 80's. And don't even get me started on stopping (No that isn't a contradiction). The built in footbrake however, makes stopping and not rolling away a reality.

Folded Dimensions:13"x15"x24" so unless you drive a Miata, you can put it in the back of the car. But hopefully you aren't going to golf in a Miata, trust me. been there. Clubs in the passenger seat aren't great.

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