Cobra F-Max Airspeed Steel Iron Set - Black / Silver
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Cobra F-Max Airspeed Steel Iron Set - Black / Silver

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Shaft - Set Make-Up

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Iron Set

The Airspeed is a lightweight iron that helps you produce speed, launch, and distance.


The lighter club weight generates more club speed and distance for golfers with moderate swing speeds.


A 5 gram lighter shaft allows you to swing faster around your body using the same smooth tempo. Removing the paint on the shaft saves 2 grams, and reveals the carbon fiber weave for a unique, and epic look.


Good things come in threes. Take your game to new heights (literally) with technologies designed to promote easy launch and forgiveness for moderate swing speeds. A low profile, cavity back design with greater lofts will help golfers launch it higher and longer, effortlessly.


Heel-biased weighting keeps shots in control and straight down the target line more consistently for more GIR's & birdie opportunities.


Progressive hosel lengths and progressive offset through the set improve launch and accuracy in the long irons, mid irons and wedges.

  • Using a progressive hosel design, Cobra is able to perfect CG locations in the long irons, scoring irons and wedges so they perform optimally for every type of shot into the green.
  • Using a progressive offset design, Cobra is able to perfect trajectories in the long irons, scoring irons, and wedges so the long irons have more draw bias and the wedges are more precise.


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