PING Sigma 2 Arna Stealth Putter
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PING Sigma 2 Arna Stealth Putter

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The 11-model Sigma 2 family is designed for the golfer who prefers a putter on the softer side of the spectrum with the lively response of a firm face. Plus, an innovative adjustable-length shaft allows you to dial-in your precise fit. Giving you better consitency and confidence behind each putt.

Arna Stealth

Arna was inspired by the successful Anser design. This mid-mallet model features a flow-style hosel that complements the head’s soft arc shape and compact profile. The 360-gram head ensures stability on shorter putts while offering solid distance control on lag putts. The mid-hang balance fits golfers with a moderate level of rotation in their stroke. And is therefore tailored to fit most golfers.
  • Putter Type: Mid-Mallet
  • Adjustable-Length Shaft: 32" - 36" range
  • Head Weight: 360g
  • Stroke Type: Slight Arc
  • Lie Angle Range: ±4°

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