TaylorMade P760 Steel Iron Set

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TaylorMade P760 Iron Set

Pretty and fast. Just like me on the highschool running track. Quick as lightning, with my hair flowing in the wind. Man, if I hadn't of sprained my ankle junior year, I could have won state. Bekky would have fallen for me. Things would be different... Oh. Uh. Golf. Yeah. Uh... The P760 irons have a beautiful shape. But it's more than meets the eye with these irons.

When Tour forging and SpeedFoam technology come together, it's a beautiful combination to behold. P760 delivers progressive players-iron shaping, giving golfers clean and compact short irons with hollow-body long irons, filled with our revolutionary SpeedFoam.


Whether you're attacking pins from short range or sticking greens from long range, P760's progressive set structure provides Tour-caliber shaping and performance—individually optimized for each club.


One-piece forged construction in the short irons (8-A) results in exceptional feel and enhanced shot-making ability when you're in position to stick it tight.


Forged 1025 carbon steel body provides soft feel while a new, lighter SUS630 face (3-7 irons) creates additional speed, accuracy, and playability.


With SpeedFoam injected into the 3-7 irons, P760 generates incredible distance and soft feel without sacrificing the look, workability, and consistency you demand from every iron in your bag.