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Tour Edge

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver

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Flex - Shaft

E722 Driver

This ultra-premium 460cc profile designed for maximum forgiveness takes the absolute extreme! The E722 Driver features an M.O.I. boosting 30-gram Back Weight, while bringing the ultimate in power, feel and forgiveness through Tour Edge’s breakthrough Ridgeback™ and Diamond Face VFT ™ technologies.

30-Gram Back Weight -An extreme weighting design features a 30-gram weight at the extreme trailing edge on the sole of the clubhead. The E722 Driver’s extreme low-rearward CG position produces an extremely high M.O.I. that is 18% higher to increase stability at impact and tighter dispersion. This equates to a top Moment of Inertia rating in a driver in golf: a 5500 g/cm2 M.O.I. rating.

Ridgeback Technology - Ridgeback Tech is a power producer. This Ridgeback spine acts as a brace to produce more power across the entire face, including the extreme perimeters. TE engineers created a 20% thinner Ridgeback with increased structural properties and a Ridgeback Sole activation for the E722 Driver. The spine runs from the center of the face through the crown and wraps around the head to connect with a newly designed sole plate.

Carbon Wrap Tech- Carbon Wrap technology replaced extra Titanium from the crown and sole with an extreme wrap-around design that features 34% more carbon fiber. These weight savings have been re-purposed to create the optimal CG location, allowing for greater face flex in the heel and toe so off-center hits achieve greater power.

Diamond Face VFT Technology -are 61 diamond shapes that function as mini-trampolines featured on Diamond Face VFT, comprised of seven different thicknesses in an interweaving pattern.

Internal Sound Diffusion Ribbing -Sound Diffusion Ribbing is strategically placed sound-enhancing ribs located inside the clubhead. The S.D. Ribbing vastly improves the acoustic properties by directing and diffusing sound waves within the club head at impact.

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