4 Top-Performing Callaway Drivers For 2022

4 Top-Performing Callaway Drivers For 2022

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For both beginner and experienced golfers looking to purchase a new golf club, Callaway is often the first brand that comes to mind - and for a good reason. Callaway is famous for their premium, high-performance clubs, and they offer a wide array of options that appeal to golfers of all skill levels.

If you’re on the market for a new club and find yourself wondering, “which Callaway golf club should I buy?” you’ll want to make sure you choose the best club for your needs. While one golfer might value forgiveness, another may find that control is most important to improving their game. To help you decide which club is best for you, we’ve compiled 4 of the top-performing Callaway drivers this year.

Callaway Mavrik 22 

We will start with the most bang for the buck. The Mavrik product line last year was a gangbuster throughout every category, so it is no surprise we see the Mavrik re-release itself in 2022. This year at the $299.99 price-point, this driver packs a punch while checking all of the boxes. Premium shaft? Check. Jailbreak Technology? Double check. Adjustable too? Check, check, and check. 

The Mavrik 2022 line is pretty much a clean re-release of Callaway’s home run Mavrik driver from prior year, just with the retro’d Project X HZRDUS T800 Shaft. Keeping all of the premium technology from the original Mavrik including Jailbreak, Cyclone aero shape, and Flash Face, players are able to get incredible ball speeds, increased forgiveness, and out of this world distance and an amazing price point thanks to the Mavrik 22

Rogue ST

The latest and greatest of the list, the Rogue ST comes in four unique head styles to help fine tune your game: ST MAX, ST MAX D, ST MAX LS, and ST Triple Diamond LS. All of the heads utilize new A.I Faces for lower spin and more forgiveness, Jailbreak Speed Frame, and the all new Tungsten Speed Cartridge allowing Callaway to place weight low and deep in the driver head for increased speed on off-center hits. 

This club isn’t just luxurious in looks; it’s highly functional, too. The four heads allow for four distinctive ball shot types: slight draw bias (ST MAX), most draw bias (ST MAX D), penetrating neutral shot shape (ST MAX LS), and penetrating neutral-to-fade bias (ST Triple Diamond LS). Of the head shapes offered in the Rogue ST, the ST MAX and MAX D offers more forgiveness all around, while the ST MAX LS and ST Triple Diamond LS offer a lower, more penetrating ball flight. With so many options to choose from, which Rogue ST option best fits you?

Epic Max 

Built specially to provide a mix of forgiveness and performance, the Callaway Epic Max Driver is an excellent option across the board for those looking to buy a premium golf club. This club is perfect for those who value accuracy and speed since it offers a 16g sliding rear weight, leaving room for you to precisely adjust your shot. On top of great adjustability, the Epic Max also offers draw bias, assisting you further with landing the angle for that perfect shot. 

Since this driver is made of Triaxial carbon rather than titanium, this driver packs 19 fewer grams of weight than the alternatives. Overall, the Callaway Epic Max Driver provides a highly customizable and smooth golfing experience but doesn’t sacrifice usability, making it one of Callaway’s best options for those looking for playing around with advanced adjustability.

Big Bertha B21

Last but not least is the Big Bertha B21. Even though this driver is being phased out in 2022, this one is definitely one to still keep your eye on. The B21 was designed by Callaway to launch the ball high with an ultra-low forward CG for low spin. Doing this creates more distance and more consistent ball flight. The new A.I. designed Flash Face promotes incredibly fast ball speed across a much larger area, and the internal draw bias weighting of the B21 make this driver our ultimate forgiveness pick of the list while still available!

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