6 Perfect Gifts for the Golfer in your Life 🎁

6 Perfect Gifts for the Golfer in your Life 🎁

The holidays are right around the corner, and you might be thinking the same thing as many others this season: The deadline for buying gifts is coming up, too! If you find yourself scrambling, don’t worry. We’re here to help take some of the pressure off with these six amazing gift ideas for the golf enthusiast in your life.


A quality GPS device will give any Golfer an edge over the competition, and the Bushnell Phantom 2 is the best of the best. Getting GPS-provided distances around the course has never been easier, thanks to the Phantom 2’s easy-to-read display and variety of indispensable features. This GPS comes pre-loaded with data from nearly 40,000 golf courses worldwide and allows users to track up to six different hazards and layup distances per hole. The integrated BITE magnet technology makes it easy to mount directly on the golf cart, and with eighteen plus hours of battery life, it can easily last through an entire day of play.


Give the gift of an easy walk on the course, this season! If you were to ask around about the best push carts on the market, one name will almost certainly come up more often than the rest: ClicGear! And for good reason, too: With fifteen years of experience, they’ve had ample time to craft the perfect solution to your gear-toting needs. Durable and easy-to-use silicone straps and a sturdy front wheel brake make the ClicGear Model 4.0 the Cadillac of pushcarts, sure to be instantly recognizable by any golfer on your list. The console and hand grip’s stellar design makes pushing a walk in the park! Available in a variety of 5 colors to suit any player’s style, the Model 4.0 is designed with comfort, ease of use, and functionality in mind.


Gifting the golfer in your life something to help relax off of the course is an option, too! A tough day in the rough will leave anyone tired and achy, but the Theragun Wave Duo from Therabody is here to ease those sore muscles and keep users in top condition. Scientifically engineered, this vibrating smart roller is designed to ergonomically contour to the back, neck, and spine. The innovative high-traction wave grooves on this device are made to get right into those areas in need, and its five customizable vibration frequencies will melt the tension right away. Two hundred minutes of battery life make it as perfect for use on-the-go as it is at home. The supreme comfort of the Wave Duo makes it a dream for anyone who experiences chronic muscle pain, not just chronic golfers!


More kids are getting into the sport each year, so why not give the young golfer in your life a starting advantage with a golf set made just for them? This junior club set is designed with beginner and intermediate play in mind. The ultralight and flexible shafts combine with perfectly calculated club head weight to help players get the ball up in the air and develop their swing. This includes all the clubs they’ll need to get started, with the option for a personalized ball pocket to make the set feel uniquely theirs!

Sleek, stylish, and highly advanced, the Skycaddie LX5C is the premier GPS watch for the golfer looking to streamline their play. With a 1.39-inch color touch screen display (the largest on the market,) and weather-resistant casing, this a versatile and handsome watch for use both on and off the green. With the cutting-edge Amoled display, it will be easy to see the screen’s dazzling full HD graphics even in bright sunlight. Purchase of this awesome piece of tech comes with a three-year subscription that provides real-time updates to over thirty-five thousand preloaded courses worldwide,  allowing users to access the most accurate course maps possible. As if that weren’t enough, the LX5C comes with a built-in heart monitor and step counter, for those players that keep physical fitness in mind. 


Practice makes perfect, and this advanced launch monitor perfects practice! The Rapsodo Mobile is the only launch monitor on the market designed to use the convenience of your iPhone or iPod to provide the most accurate data possible. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another launch monitor that sets up as quickly as this one, taking a mere thirty seconds to get going: just open the app, connect via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to swing! With a range of helpful features built into real-time video feedback such as shot tracing and a data overlay, users will be blown away by how easy it is to understand the nuances of their swing. Access your stat history to view and track averages and standard deviation to learn the quirks of each club in your arsenal. The Rapsodo also makes use of your device’s built-in GPS exactly where your shots land on your course with incredible accuracy.

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