How to Choose from 6 Putter Hosel Styles

How to Choose from 6 Putter Hosel Styles

There are a lot of different styles of putter shafts/hosels that are available on the market. Why? Because everyone has their own unique putting stroke. If you don't know the right style for you, it can make choosing a putter way too difficult. We want to help you find the one that will help you sink the most putts! So, we picked out 6 of the most common styles of putters to help you make sense of it all. 


1. Plumber Neck

Plumber Neck

Looking for putting forgiveness? A Plumber neck style encourages a more "square" or straighter putting stroke. This is a common style for many golfers. This is one of the most common style putters, if you aren't sure what's right for you, this might be a good one to consider! 

(Good for "Arc" or "Straight" shaped putting strokes)

2. Straight Neck

Straight Neck

A Straight neck or Center Shaft style putter helps lower the hands in the putting stroke. This helps you feel like you are more in control of where the ball is and where it will go. These are less common for most players due to a unique appearance at address. 

(Good for "Straight" shaped putting strokes)

3. Single Bend

Single Bend

If you like a clean look and have a straight backward-to-forward stroke, the single putter might be good for you. The single bend puts the putter head behind the hands lending to more offset. This offset leads to higher forgiveness. (Good for "Straight" shaped putting strokes)

4. Double Bend

Double Bend

The double bend option offers many of the benefits of a single bend, but also provides better face balancing for straighter putts. Face Balancing helps keep the face straight with less work from you!

 (Good for "Straight" shaped putting strokes)

5. Flow Neck

Flow Neck

This style putter has less offset, and more of what's called "toe-hang." Having more toe-hang helps keep the ball straight if you have a tendency of leaving the face open and hitting it to the right.

(Good for "Arc" shaped putting strokes)

6. Slant


Slant Neck

These are normally a variation of a Plumber Neck style putter but are often shorter and more slanted. This provides even more forgiveness by putting your hands in front of the ball. 

(Good for "Arc" or "Straight" shaped putting strokes)


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