Golf Glove Review

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Golf Glove Review

            In keeping with last week's blog, this week's blog will be centered around a golf glove review for those looking to freshen up their golf gear but may need to know which glove would best suit you. Speaking from experience, golf gloves allow the player to maximize their game because they create a buffer between your hand and the club's grip to prevent the grip from harshly reacting to your hand. Overall, wearing a glove while golfing, especially on those distance shots where more power is necessary, can give the golfer improved grip, reduced tension, and protection.

            Like last week's blog structure, I will review men's golf gloves and then women's gloves. Hopefully, this blog will serve as an informative piece that will allow you, as the reader, to gain insight as to what you may want to look for in a glove when shopping for one or, if you are already in search of one, allow you to find a great glove which aligns with your golfing needs.

Men’s Golf Gloves

            As mentioned, I will review three of our best-selling men's golf gloves. 

Titleist Perma Soft Glove

Titleist Perma Soft Glove

            Offered in various sizes, Titleist's Perma Soft Glove is our best-selling men's glove. One of my favorite things about this glove is not only that it performs well but its durability. This glove will last the player longer while maintaining high-performance standards. Concerning its distinguishing features, the Perma Soft glove was manufactured with CoolMax® Mesh Panel across the knuckles, precise fit, and high-quality comfort.

            The CoolMax® Mesh Panel stretches across the player's knuckles, creating a breathable atmosphere for the hand and adding to the overall durability of the glove. Unique to Titleist, this type of panel uses high-quality technology and design to achieve the effects which it creates.

            One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a glove is its fit. If the glove does not adequately fit, this could hinder your golf abilities. The Titleist Perma Soft Glove features a precise fit, which means it is composed of a fabric that will mold to your hand. The accurate fit also includes an adjustable strap over the wrist area. This allows the player to tighten or loosen the glove.

            Lastly, another facet to consider while exploring glove options is its comfort level. This glove offers a high level of comfort through its material and added layers of breathability. If you are interested in purchasing this glove, use the link below.

At A Glance:

  • CoolMax® Mesh Panel
  • Precise Fit
  • Durable
  • Added comfort
  • Breathable

Mizuno Comp Glove

Mizuno Comp Golf Glove

            Another one of our best-selling men's gloves, this is another one of my top recommendations for men in search of a new glove. This glove is another durable option suitable for sustainability purposes and reduces the number of times it is necessary to purchase a replacement. Concerning this glove's qualities, the most notable is the double stitch thumb, FitBridge, and FlexMesh. Each of these components works together to form a high-quality, well-performing glove.

            As I discussed earlier, finding a glove that fits securely to your hand is crucial. The double-stitch thumb provides additional support and is one of the many measures in place to ensure the glove is properly in tune with the movement of your hand while using the golf club.

            Next, this glove includes FitBridge, which Mizuno implemented while keeping in mind the fit. FitBridge is a contoured fit that begins in the palm area and extends to the back of the hand. This is another facet that ensures that the glove acts as a mold for the golfer's hand, which I enjoy.

            Lastly, the FlexMesh, unique to Mizuno's gloves, is a technology that provides added breathability and flexibility. This material enhances the glove's performance because it puts in place, through this fabric, additional measures to ensure comfort. If you are interested in learning more, use the link below.

At A Glance:

  • FlexMesh
  • FitBridge
  • Double Stitch Thumb
  • Premium Synthetic Leather
  • 3D Cut Leather Design

Callaway Tour Authentic Glove

Callaway Tour Authentic Glove

            Another one of our best-sellers, this glove is known for its breathability and comfort. If you prioritize a comfortable glove, I highly recommend this golf. The Tour Authentic presents several notable features, but among customer favorites are the material, Opti Fit™, and Opti Dry™ Cuff. These qualities produce a well-rounded, comfortable glove that works to the golfer's advantage.

            Callaway engineered the glove with Premium Cabretta Leather infused with Griptac™. This type of leather gives the glove an excellent feel and allows the golfer to feel comfortable while hitting the more strenuous shots. Additionally, this material allows for an optimized grip, allowing the golfer to reap the results on the course.

            The Opti Fit™ is one of Callaway’s signature features and delivers a secure fit to the golfer. It is an adjustable closure located on the wrist of the glove. Further, this quality adds to the breathability of the glove due to its breathable material.

            Last, Callaway designed this glove using an Opti Dry™ Cuff. This feature is one of the primary qualities that sets this glove apart from others. In essence, this technology is composed of quick dry technology and moisture-wicking properties, which are particularly useful if the glove is used extensively. Having a glove with moisture-wicking technology is also highly beneficial for warmer months. Use the link below to access more information about the Callaway Tour Authentic Glove on our website.

At A Glance:

  • Premium Cabretta Leather
  • Griptac™
  • Opti Fit™
  • Opti Dry™ Cuff
  • Breathable
  • Adjustable

Women’s Golf Gloves

            Having now reviewed our top three best-selling men's gloves, I will review two of our best-selling women's gloves.

Puma Women's Performance Leather Glove

Puma Women’s Pro Performance Leather Glove

            Available in several sizes, the Puma Women's Pro Performance Leather Glove is an excellent option for those in the market for a well-rounded, sustaining glove. This glove was designed to perform in all weather conditions, which makes it several of our customers' top selections. Some of the great features which Puma designed this glove with are its perforated fingers, comfortable molded tab, and material.

            Made with premium synthetic leather, the glove's material lets the golfer maintain a consistent grip on the club throughout a swing or putt. Additionally, the material generates a durable glove that will perform well regardless of weather and last the golfer a while before purchasing a replacement.

            The perforated fingers generate a breathable environment for the golfer and are perfect for the upcoming and current warm weather. The additional ventilation creates comfort and breathability, sustaining the glove throughout the entire practice or round.

            This model is designed with a comfortable molded tab which allows the golfer to create a fit according to their hand. As I noted earlier, this is very important, as playing a round with an adequately fitted glove may help your overall game. The tab is made with a strong velcro buckle, ensuring that the glove stays in place as you have created it. To shop for this glove, use the link below.

At A Glance:

  • Premium Synthetic Leather
  • Perforated Fingers
  • Comfort Molded Tab
  • Ventilated
  • Breathability

Mizuno Women's Comp Glove

Mizuno Women’s Comp Glove

            Though I have already discussed the men's version of this glove at length, I wanted to feature this glove as part of a recommended option for women's gloves because it is one of our best-selling women's gloves. It has the same structure as the men's features, just catered to women's sizing, but to quickly go over the features it presents, here are the main qualities which make this glove an excellent choice: Double stitch thumb, FitBridge, and FlexMesh.

            To shop this version of the glove, use the link below.


            Each of these gloves will be an excellent option if you are on the market for a new glove. Best of luck on the course, and I hope that you, as the reader, were able to grasp an understanding of what you should look for while in the market for a new glove.

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