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Who is Scotty Cameron? 

Almost every successful man or woman who runs a thriving business began their venture in the family garage; Scotty Cameron is no different. Scotty’s adventure began in his parent’s garage in the 1960s after his father inspired his love of golf. Thanks to his father’s proper instruction and advice, Scotty successfully managed his milling, shaping, and club finishing talents, producing excellent quality and reputable items.  

After travelling for the PGA and attempting to persuade players to trust their putters, his perseverance paid off in 1993 when he worked with a top-ranked golfer with putting issues. Scotty merely designed a putter for the Masters, which was utilized to win the tournament. After his success and earning a name in California, Scotty began to get notice from the old industry’s giants, like Wally Uihlein. Wally and Scotty became partners in September 1994 after agreeing on their shared interests.  

Scotty continues to produce the world’s finest milled putters today. They are at the forefront of innovative creative processes, new materials, traditional and modern designs, and an emphasis on making clubs perform on the game’s most demanding stages. Being a golf legend, Cameron has gained a reputation for being the best putters in the golf industry and if you’re looking to get into Scotty Cameron putters, it is important to understand what makes them so special and why they might be right for your game. Here, we want to introduce the new Phantom X11 and other best Scotty Cameron Putters that Golf Superstore can present to you. 

Scotty Cameron Putters  

The last shot to your victory is usually taken with the only club you have used on every hole, the putter. The putter, which makes up 40% of your game and will significantly affect your short game if it doesn't fit you. Therefore, it was deemed by more than half of the golfers to be the most crucial club to have in the bag in order to lower scores. Therefore, the putter must be customized to fit you perfectly. Your stature and style are the two most important factors to consider when designing and customizing your putter to give you the best opportunity to roll the ball true on the green. Scotty Cameron’s putters have thus far been your best friend throughout the tournaments and will continue to be for a very long time. Here we want to look at some of the best Scotty Cameron putters that Golf Superstore will present to you. 

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11  

Phantom X 11 shines among performance-oriented mallets for players wanting better MOI and forgiveness in a clean, compact platform. The face-balanced Phantom X 11 sports a clean topline and a misted “popped up” rear flange with alignment-assisting carved mill. This has markings highlighted with a single light gray sight line. It is intended for the best weight distribution, balance, and feel, with a mid-bend shaft to reduce face movement. Solid precision milled 303 stainless steel face, topline, body and wings are integrated with a 6061-aluminum flange/sole component and stainless-steel sole weights for creative perimeter weighting that offers simple alignment and stable performance. Simply put, it’s a pretty dang good ol’ putter! 

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9  

Phantom X 9 is one of the best Scotty Cameron putters you may use for a successful shot since it combines the best elements of the X 5 and 11 mallets to provide more stability and MOI.  

In terms of aesthetics, Scotty Cameron has consistently ranked among the best putters, especially the best mallet putter and let’s not forget that this putter is also known for its forgiveness and alignment aids.  

The X 9 has a straightforward appearance and a single white line that you can align behind the ball. The dark background and the top line's perpendicular orientation create a pleasing contrast.  

As you might anticipate, the X 9's forgiveness is comparable to the X 7 and falls between the X 5 and 11. Whether you choose the X 9 with a single bend shaft or the X 9.5 with a mid-bend shaft for more head rotation, this is not negative and will help the face rotate to suit your stroke.  

Excellent steel face feels, and a balanced design makes the Phantom X 9 a great choice for golfers of all skill levels. The 2022 Phantom X has a considerably more understated appearance that accurately fits the premium price tag attached to this putter. It returns to the premium milled putters with metal faces that combine superb looks, feel, and performance that the best Scotty Cameron putters have always been above.  

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 putter 2022 has been upgraded for even more forgiveness, simple alignment, and performance that inspires confidence. It features a fresh look at the address and a streamlined, thinned-out mid-section. Phantom X 12 is the line's high MOI champion. The 12's swept-back stainless-steel wings still include stability-improving weight. Still, a redesigned precision milled 6061 aluminum face/core provides the ultimate perimeter weighting while also modernizing the mallet's appearance and acoustics.   

She has a strong MOI and is an aggressive, futuristic design. Scotty Cameron refers to her as the flagship of his new range. The only model that carries over from the last series is the Phantom X 12. She added a stepped design to the central section's edge to make it appear a little smaller. The heavier silver 303 stainless steel pieces on either side of the lighter aluminum segment support it, increasing its resistance to twisting at impact. Two steel wings in the corners give an additional 18g weight to the standard head form, further boosting the MOI. One long white line, which contrasts well with the black background and gives a better alignment tool and a classier aesthetic than the earlier neon yellow dots and lines, tops off the entire design. Although Phantom X 12 features the most significant head of the 2022 Phantom X models, the two-tone color scheme behind the ball gives it a reasonable appearance. The stepless shaft's mid-bend bend properly balances the head's face. Scotty Cameron collaborated with Golf Pride to design this shape, replacing the X on the front of the face with the words "Scotty Cameron." Scotty intended to assist you in maintaining your advantage throughout the stroke.   

This beast is easier to operate than it appears to be, and despite its size, it was fairly controllable during the stroke. Having previously used a lot of balanced faces, um, low face rotation, putters, the Phantom X 12 delivered from short and mid-range in a very natural manner. However, the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 was easier to control than others to obtain the pace and direction, something you only feel with the best putters. Occasionally, these high MOI putters can suffer from long range as their head struggles to rotate with the longer stroke. In my opinion, Phantom X 12 has been the greatest and best improvement. The visuals are much crisper and offer a superior alignment tool. A fantastic high MOI mallet for more forgiveness is produced by keeping the aluminum face. 

When it comes to the best of Scotty Cameron Putters, there is no favorites… 

Scotty Cameron putters are essential to have in your bag; which will make a reputation for you as you apply cutting-edge technology to finish a challenging round of golf. Cameron uses the most adjustable putter on the market, and his putters are composed of high-quality materials and feel fantastic. A set of Scotty Cameron putters is one of the best investments a golfer can make in his game and these putters, without doubt, will last you a lifetime. You can see the array of Limited Release Putters that Cameron offers as well as the list of  Scotty Cameron Putters on our website. We look forward to seeing you in our store. 

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