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Callaway Big Bertha Driver

Callaway Big Bertha Driver review  
The newest Big Bertha driver is the perfect driver for beginners and amateurs who have a problem with slicing. Featuring low spin and high forgiveness, this driver performs exactly as we want it to.

The B21 is the first high launch driver from Callaway with ultra-low forward center of gravity that adds a lot of ball speed. Low and forward CGs are usually reserved for less forgiving, high-speed, low-spin drivers, but this is a new low-spin design for distance and accuracy at average swing speeds, not just pros. If you have a problem with hooking the ball, this, unfortunately, is not the driver for you.   
The new technology that has been implemented in the Big Bertha driver sets it apart. The AI-designed face uses heat-treated TA-15 titanium, which allows for the unique face architecture required to create optimal speed, forgiveness, and spin characteristics.

triangular shape golf club

Anyone who has the habit of missing to the right needs to get their hands on this driver. I am a slicer, and when I took this club out, I felt immediately corrected and didn’t slice once. The tech behind this is the reduced face progression that helps start the ball left. Internal heel weighting generates lower spin to reduce curvature to the right.

Two Jailbreak bars connect the crown and sole to allow intense ball speed in addition to a completely new shaft (RHC). This shaft was designed by Callaway to enhance the Big Bertha offering specifically and has an Active Tip Flag section.   
This driver is easy to hit because of the generous offset and thick toplines that make it easy to feel confident. Callaway says the new B21 head is larger from front to back and more of a triangular shape, which increases forgiveness.  

hit center

While testing, I needed clarification about the higher-than-average loft. I was impressed with the distance it was capable of. Even though it had the forgiveness of a beginner’s driver, it didn’t feel like one.   
The higher spin is what separates it from the low handicap drivers, as there was more spin than I generally want. But if you are a high-to-mid handicap driver, this is a positive rather than a negative.

Overall, this driver exceeds my expectations, and I could see myself using it in the future. Consider the Big Bertha if you are an average golfer looking to improve your slices and get a few points off your score.  

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