Callaway Driver Timeline

Callaway Driver Timeline

Callaway makes some of the best drivers available for professionals to beginners. I have trusted Callaway for years to create clubs perfect for fixing my bad habits. Below are the Callaway clubs in order from the beginning! They have always been at the forefront of innovation. 


The Original Big Bertha

Many people are still loyal to the Big Bertha 30 years later. The original came out way back in 1991 and set the stage for Callaway to become one of the most trusted brands in golf. Back then, it was the biggest driver on the market and provided more power than any other. Callaway was was the first to understand the average golfer's needs. 


The Great Big Bertha

Titanium clubs were slowly making themselves known at this point in history. People didn't always want to give up their wood clubs if there wasn't a significant difference in performance between the 2 materials. Great Big Bertha popularized these new materials. 


The Biggest Big Bertha

The biggest to date! As titanium technology improved, these clubs were able to gain size without weighing down too much. With added forgiveness and substantial size, many players chose to have this club in their bag. 


The Great Bertha Hawk Eye

This driver combines the strength and light weight of an oversized titanium clubhead complemented by a Tungsten Gravity Screw to dramatically lower the center of gravity.  The head size is 250cc. 


C4 Graphite

The C4 was known for it's interesting sound— similar to a classic persimmon but made with graphite. This club has lower weight plus an internal strip of urethane and tungsten for better distribution.


ERC Fusion


Big Bertha Titanium


Big Bertha Titanium 454

This club reached the limits for size and just barely hit the maximum on the 460ccs limit imposed by USGA. The hollow hosel allows less weight while creating more feel upon impact. 

Big Bertha Fusion FT-3
Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Tour



This club had a focus on high MOI (moment of inertia) and reduces twisting on impact and limits off-center hits. The FT-i provides optimal forgiveness and is best suited for high handicappers. 

FT-I Tour
FT-I Women’s
FT-5 Tour
FT-5 Women’s
X-460 Tour
X-460 Women’s
Big Bertha 460
Big Bertha 460 Women’s


Fti 25th Anniversary


Hyper X
Hyper X Tour
Hyper X Women’s
FT-I Limited Edition Women’s
FT-IQ Tour


FT- 9

This club became popular because of the explosive feel the clubhead provides. The FT-9 was a great improvement over the FT-5 due to improved sound and feel. The forgiveness is notable, as you will have a hard time ever being off center. 

Ft-9 Tour


Diablo Edge
Diablo Edge Tour
FT-iZ Tour


Diablo Octane

Callaway created a new material called Forged Composite which the manufacturer says is lighter and stronger than titanium, the material that many other drivers are made from. This makes a huge difference in speed for many golfers. 

Diablo Octane Tour
Razr Hawk
Razr Hawk Tour


Razr Fit
Razr X Black
Tour Authentic Razr Fit
Razr Fit Xtreme


X Hot

The X Hot utilizes Optifit technology which allows easy adaptations and personalization. This design is intended to increase ball speed across the face so that even misses go far.

X Hot Pro
FT Optiforce


Big Bertha Alpha

This Big Bertha is different from the previous models. While still 460ccs, this club doesn't look it. It even feels smaller but maintains powerful performance. The depth of head and overall shape gives it a softer feel and sound. 

Big Bertha Alpha 815

Big Bertha Alpha 815 DD

Big Bertha Women’s

Big Bertha V Series

Big Bertha V Series Women’s

X Hot N14

X2 Hot

X2 Hot Pro

X2 Hot Women’s


Great Big Bertha

Big Bertha Alpha 816

Bertha Mini 1.5


The XR Driver is built for speed. The aerodynamic crown and an R•MOTO Face and speed from maximum shaft load. 

XR Women’s


Big Bertha Fusion

One of the most forgiving drivers at the time of creation! The increased MOI is optimized by replacing the heavier bits of the driver with lighter bits of titanium. 

XR 16

XR 16 Pro

XR 16 Sub Zero


Great Big Bertha Epic

Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero

Great Big Bertha Epic Star



The first rogue in a long line of future rogues! This club is still popular today in their rogue st version. If you need impeccable distance and amazing forgiveness, this one is for you. 

Rogue Draw

Rogue Sub Zero

If you are looking for low spin, fast ball speeds and great feel, then Rogue SB is still going to fit that bill, even with a few tweaks from the Epic.  The Rogue Sub Zero offers just enough changes that make it a worthy post Epic. 

Rogue Women’s

Rogue Draw Women’s

XR Speed


Epic Flash

Epic Flash Sub Zero

Epic Flash Star



Designed using Artificial Intelligence, Callaway Mavrik delivers explosive distance, next level forgiveness, and incredible feel throughout the bag. Callaway's commitment to Artificial Intelligence continues, as each of our MAVRIK products is engineered to deliver fast ball speeds.

Mavrik 22

Mavrik MAX

Mavrik Sub Zero 

Big Bertha B21

Women’s Big Bertha REVA


Epic Speed

Epic Max

Epic Max SL

Epic Speed Triple Diamond

Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS

Epic Max Star

Women’s Epic Max

Women’s Epic Speed

Women’s Epic MAX Star


Rogue ST Max

Rogue ST MAX is Callaway's highest MOI head with a slight draw bias that's built for all levels of golfers and those with issues with slicing. This is the best combination of distance and forgiveness in a Callaway driver.

Rogue ST Max

Rogue ST Max SL

Rogue ST Triple Diamond ST

Women’s Rogue ST MAX

Women’s Rogue ST MAX D

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