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            Happy June! Now that local schools are beginning to let out for Summer Break and golf season is in full swing, we decided to switch this week's blog up. This week's blog will be geared toward the season, and, as such, we will be compiling a review of some golf courses local to Chattanooga, where our home offices are located. Of course.  We could not cover each course around Chattanooga, but we will mainly be covering public golf courses in addition to one course, which is membership-based.

            Overall, enjoy reading this blog as a "kick-off" to the Summer months!

Moccasin Bend Golf Course

Moccasin Bend Golf Course

            Located in Chattanooga, this golf course is an excellent option for a round of golf this Summer. Constructed in 1966, this golf course maintains top-tier Bermuda grass fairways in addition to being situated near the water. In my opinion, these two qualities make it a top-notch course to play and a very scenic one. According to the website, Moccasin Bend is a Par-72 and is optimal for any golfer, regardless of level.

            The course offers both 9 and 18-hole rounds. Additionally, there is an on-site driving range and practice green, ideal for warming up before starting a match or if you are merely looking to fit in some practice leisurely. Moccasin Bend also runs a Bar and Grill where refreshments and food can be purchased. This is excellent if you are enduring a long golf day or spending time with the family.

            If you are looking to book a round of golf, you can easily do so by accessing the website. From the home page, select "Golf Course," then "Course Rates," and finally, "Book Now." After selecting Book Now, you can choose which day and time work best. It is very user-friendly. The rates vary depending on weekday or weekend, but overall, it is an excellent course for a great deal. Use the link below to find out more information regarding booking or even the course.

Brown Acres Golf Course

Brown Acres Golf Course

            Brown Acres Golf Course is located near the Hamilton Place area of Chattanooga and can be found directly off of I-75. In fact, a portion of it can be seen as you are driving on I-75. Maintained by the City of Chattanooga, this course is fantastic for those seeking a challenging course. Further, Brown Acres features a high-quality pro shop and snack bar. Both of these qualities are very beneficial for the upcoming warm weather, as it is necessary to stock up on essentials before playing a golf match or even engaging in practice.

            Speaking of practice, Brown Acres offers an optimal driving range for warming up. Brown Acres will also be a great option if you are searching for a place to get in some practice, as the driving range is fully equipped and is suited to it.

            Because Brown Acres is a public golf course managed through the City of Chattanooga, you can find more information about it through the government of Chattanooga's website. In particular, you can use the link below.

It is worth noting that Brown Acres is one of the two courses which are classified as "Public Courses" run by the City of Chattanooga. The second course, which I will be discussing next, is Brainerd. Both Brainerd Golf Course and Brown Acres Golf Course can be reserved using the city government's website, which will be provided via the hyperlink below. Both courses have a rate of $23 on weekdays and $28 on weekends. However, if you are 60 years old and above, you qualify for the weekday rate of $17, while Junior golfers below 18 years old are eligible for a weekday rate of $5. It is also worth mentioning that there is an additional golf cart fee of $14 per golfer.

Brainerd Golf Course

Brainerd Golf Course

            The second publicly managed golf course is Brainerd Golf Course. Brainerd Golf Course prides itself on being one of the oldest golf courses in the city. If you are looking for a course with idyllic landscaping, such as "rolling acreage" and "mature trees," as pointed out by the website, this is the course for you.

            This family-friendly golf course is optimal for individuals of varying skills and levels. Brainerd Golf Course also offers a pro shop and snack bar, which make it a great option for those looking to make golf a family activity. Uniquely, Brainerd Golf Course provides lessons for those searching for golf advice and training. If you are interested in learning more about Brainerd Golf Course and all it offers, you can find the link below.

As I explained when discussing Brown Acres, Brainerd's rates and booking process are synonymous with Brown Acres. Therefore, the same rates apply if you are interested in reserving a tee time at Brainerd.

Windstone Golf Club

Windstone Golf Club

            Though this blog was primarily focused on public golf courses accessible to anyone, I thought it was worth discussing one option for a membership-based golf club if any of our readers are considering this style of golf course. To clarify, a membership-based golf club indicates that it is not open to the public and, thus, only available to players, with some exceptions depending on the club itself. Windstone is a highly-reputable local golf club that offers several phenomenal amenities to its players both on and off the course.

With respect to the quality of the golf course, Windstone features an excellent combination of greens, fairways, and tee boxes. Further, if you want a more specific feel for the course and its set-up, Windstone has video footage of each hole published on its website, making it convenient to check into. Depending on the membership tier, the amenities available are the golf course, tennis courts, pool, and bar and grill.

Windstone offers a variety of membership levels which should be explored with your personal and familial conditions in mind. If you want to learn more about Windstone and its qualities, use the link below.

Enjoy golfing this Summer!

            Whether you choose to golf at a driving range, public course, or membership-based club, we at Golf Superstore sincerely hope that you can strengthen your skill set while enjoying the warm weather and company.

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