COBRA Radspeed Driver

Cobra RADSPEED Drivers Tested, and Reviewed

Comparison of the RADSPEED lineup 

Cobra has been on a roll lately, with strong product launches across their entire lineup. They're looking to continue that momentum with the RADSPEED Drivers, available in 3 models to help players find the ideal combo of performance and feel for their game. With a focus on helping you achieve maximum swing speed and distance, these drivers are packed with technology that golfers will love. The RADSPEED drivers are the brand's first-ever multi-material constructions. It uses carbon fiber in the club's crown and sole, allowing engineers to move weight around to increase forgiveness, launch, and spin control. Thanks to the adjustable weights, the Cobra RADSPEED drivers are known to be two drivers in one. RADSPEED drivers are Cobra's line of high-performance golf drivers. These are the most forgiving and long-hitting Cobra drivers ever. It features Cobra's new Speed Channel Face Technology to improve speed and forgiveness. The Radial Weighting for greater distance and maximum stability with low spin and a 2-degree hotter face angle adds performance when you need it most.

Cobra RADSPEED (Standard) Driver - Rad Speed 

The Cobra RADSPEED Driver is a game-improvement driver with a high-launched head, 460cc volume, and 10.5-degree loft. The head features an extreme offset design to produce higher ball speeds across the face. It's preloaded with a fantastic selection of non-uncharge custom shafts to dial in your specs that add spin to your shots for control on the greens. The RADSPEED Driver comes in both right-handed (R) and left-handed (L), adjustable from 8.5 to 11.5 degrees (+/- 1.5 degrees of loft) with three settings per setting adjustment. These options can help you dial in your preferred ball flight characteristics based on your swing speed and desired trajectory when hitting off the tee or fairway woods! It also has a Cobra Connect tracking system which tracks every shot so you can analyze each one after practice sessions at home or on the range – perfect for those who like getting feedback about their progress! This driver is one of the most acoustically intriguing clubs I've used, having a high-pitched but not harsh sound. The RADSPEED driver has a robust and powerful feel, and its launch speed is like a bullet. There is also some amazing quality feedback, but it's surprisingly subdued for a player's club. The driver is designed for players with a handicap of 0 to 15, and it promises to have the quickest ball speed, lowest spin and launch, and most workability among the three Cobra drivers. Cobra

RADSPEED XB (Xtreme Back) Driver - Rad Forgiveness

The XB driver distinguishes itself by being the most forgiving driver. It was noticeably easier to strike the ball and have a higher launch when teeing off. The RADSPEED XB (Xtreme Back) driver has a slightly more extensive profile, giving it a larger sweet spot. To explain briefly, the Cobra RADSPEED XB driver has a 460cc titanium like the rest of the family; it has a high MOI, low CG, and of course, high COR. The driver also features an ultralight carbon fiber crown and rear weight position for forgiveness which is noticeable on off-center hits. The movable weight position adds to the distance and allows you to adjust the center of gravity for fine-tuning your launch conditions. The XB driver was the first to embrace a bold, powerful style. The RADSPEED XB driver has a rounded triangular form and is quite lengthy from front to rear. With such a robust, powerful appearance, you'd anticipate a thunderous impact sound from the driver. The impact produces a staccato, mid-pitch sound with slightly above-average loudness, and the forgiveness is evident throughout the head, particularly in the feedback. The RADSPEED XB is a mid-spin driver with a strong desire to put the ball in short grass. The RADSPEED XB driver has the best feeling and is one of the best performing Cobra drivers I have seen and honestly might be my favorite!

Cobra RADSPEED XD (Xtreme Draw) Driver - Rad Straight

There's no surprise if I tell you that the RADSPEED XD driver also features a 460cc titanium head with an adjustable weighting system, allowing golfers to change the club's center of gravity and lower its swing weight. The face angle and loft can also be adjusted to find your ideal setup. This allows you to customize the feel of your shot and optimize the distance for each club in your bag. The company says this driver is customizable and highly forgiving by design. It has an "Apex" crown that reduces drag on shots hit low on the face. This means more shots will fly off smoothly without needing a high-launched angle or excessive spin control from your stance or ball position – even when you don't hit it perfectly flush. The RADSPEED XD delivers a fascinating juxtaposition with a very gentle feel upon contact and a deep pitched, reasonably loud sound, thanks to a strong and eye-catching feature. A 10-gram pod on the heel side of the Xtreme Draw (XD) driver, roughly halfway between the face and the rear, promotes face closure — a slice-busting feature. The all-new RADSPEED Drivers are loaded with technology to help you hit your best drivers. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player looking to lower his/her handicap, Cobra has designed these drivers with you in mind.

Overview and final thoughts

The RADSPEED is available in two distinct colors: the original RADSPEED Black, which uses a graphite shaft, and the RADSPEED Red, which features an aluminum shaft for added forgiveness. Both drivers feature low center of gravity locations for more distance on off-center hits, as well as a new weight pad design for better ball speeds across the entire face at impact. The company also claims that its most significant, sweet spot ever gives golfers more confidence from tee-to-green than ever before – which simply means more fairways hit and fewer balls lost in the rough! The RADSPEED drivers are, in fact, the driver I had missing amongst my golf clubs. With their fantastic technology and high-quality materials, I would not hesitate to add this to my repertoire.

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