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How to Get More Distance off The Tee

How to get more Distance off the Tee 

Amateurs often assume the key to hitting farther off the tee is to swing as hard as possible. But when your distance still isn't picking up, you become desperate for any tips to improve. Even when you hit that perfect 300-yard drive, there isn't a guarantee that it will land where you want it unless you are focused on fixing your flaws.   

Here are some critical pieces of advice that you need to hear.   

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Fix your rotation 

First off, make sure your posture is correct.   

Approach the ball and keep your feet shoulder length apart and weight evenly distributed. If you are right-handed, keep your body aligned with the ball of your left heel or the opposite if left-handed. This allows the ball to be on the upswing and therefore gain distance. By moving the ball just a few inches forward or back, you can earn a lot of distance.   

Alignment is key to getting the ball where you want to go. Keep feet and shoulders parallel to the target line. You can check this by leaving a club on the ground and walking behind the ball to ensure you are aiming correctly.   

Now that you are set up correctly, you can effectively rotate into the ball. Most beginners rotate too much, knocking them out of the correct posture.   

Work on rotating correctly by taking your left shoulder and working it toward your right pants pocket as you bring a club back.  

This allows the shoulder to stay on the plane, so contact and follow-through are on point.   

Tee High 

By not pushing the tee in all the way, you get more loft than otherwise. The higher angle of launch in turn, provides more distance. These Martini Tees are extra long and have seen been proven to provide straighter drives.  


You should know that your left arm should be straight as possible through the whole swing. Of course, this doesn’t always happen if your posture is wrong. By keeping the arm straight, you create a bigger arc and more speed.  


When you get up to the tee and are set on getting that extra distance, you may tense up, thinking we are building energy. This limits the range of motion and distance you are capable of. Your grip could also be tightening up without you even knowing it. When stepping up, take a breath before attempting any swings.   

It takes time and energy to get better at anything, but all that practice has to have good form for it to make a difference in your gameplay. Gain distance by following these tips; you may see a few points come off your score.   

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