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Honma Golf irons Review

Honma Golf irons 

Honma is one of the least well known of the Japanese golf brands and gets the rep for being unaffordable. They are known for being top performing clubs with a price tag to match, but in recent years, they have come out with more everyman clubs. Most of their irons are not any more expensive than your average set and offer styles for every kind of golfer.  

Honma has been engineered in Sakata, Japan since 1959 and became one of the top brands in the Asian market by the 1990s. In 2010, the company was bought by a Chinese entrepreneur who wanted the brand to compete in the Americas. The core of their mission is artistry— to make clubs that are as beautiful as they are top performing.  


Honma XP-1 Irons 

Those looking for effortless distance and high performance can look no further.  

These irons are made for game improvement players with a handicap from 8-20. Their traditional profile will feel comfortable for those who prefer a hollow construction and deep cavity.  

The long irons have steel faces and tungsten weights that boost launch and ball speed. The short irons have undercuts, of course without the added speed as seen in the long iron designs. These provide high launch and therefore come with strong lofts.  

I liked using these irons and felt they would support me in my playing. I am a mid-handicap player, weakest in my approach shots and feel that I got more speed and control with these than my standard irons.  

honma xp 1 

Honma TW MB Iron Set

Tw Rose Proto Irons 

These irons were created specifically for Justin Rose and he debuted them back in 2019 during a tournament. This was unfortunate timing for both Homna and Rose, considering he lost his chance at the Masters right after the debut of the clubs. But he came back later and played one of his best seasons yet, winning the 2019 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines.  

Don’t let that scare you off though. These are great irons if you have the game for it. A serious blade for serious players— that is, beginners beware.  

They are forged using a single piece of carbon steel and were created using input from Rose himself. Top players were definitely in mind and I myself have not used them, but my over performing colleagues say they perform better than other standard muscle back blades they have used. They did say that the sweet spot is small, but the sleek design felt good in the hands.  

While they are limited in forgiveness, the distance they are capable of sets them apart.  

rose proto golf irons 


Honma TW-747-V Iron Set

The sleek design of these irons sets them apart. The low-key cavity design is what I like to see. The blade is compact, like most “players irons” and has a thin topline.  

The feel is traditional and soft, with no springy “explosive” feeling you get with more forgiving irons.  

I like that the feedback is so easy to feel. If I am ever off the sweet spot, it is easy to tell and correct. The forgiveness is surprising and I felt I could still make it to the green with small misses.  

These irons provide you with intense speed and distance due to the thin, flexible clubface.  

The lofts are strong (7-iron 28.5˚), with high launch, height and forgiveness because the low, deep CG makes them so much fun to play, delivering iron shots with maximum control when attacking the pin. 

 tw world xp irons


The Honma brand carries years of tradition with them and as they continue to gain in popularity in the US, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more PGA players using them. Honma has something for everyone. Be sure to check them out when you are in need of new irons.  




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