Junior Golf in Chattanooga, TN

Igniting Love for Golf: Empowering Kids to Tee Off with Passion

Junior Golf in Chattanooga: Getting Kids Involved 

Golf is an excellent sport for children to begin.

It’s Summer which means that not only is it the optimal golf season but school is also out for children. Therefore, now would be an excellent time for children to pick up the sport of golf. Golf offers a magnitude of benefits to children. To name a few, golf is a sport that yields mental discipline, exposure to nature, and down the road– scholarship and career opportunities. Additionally, golf can be played throughout an individual’s entire lifetime which means that there is always room to progress and grow within a given skillset.


Junior Golf in the Chattanooga Area

            If golf sounds like something for your child but you are unsure as to where to begin searching for a way to get them involved, this week’s blog will serve as a way to promote local Chattanooga junior golf programs. Read further if you are interested in finding out some excellent, top-tier ways to begin your child’s golf career.

First Tee of Tennessee

First Tee of Chattanooga

            One of the most thorough programs in the Chattanooga area is First Tee Tennessee. The organization has several chapters throughout the state of Tennessee with locations in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. Even within the Chattanooga area, there are programs in Bradley, Hamilton, and McMinn County. According to First Tee, the organization’s mission is to, “Empower kids and teens through the game of golf.”

            In Hamilton County, First Tee offers classes both according to age and skill level. Classes are a great option because not only is the child able to improve their golf skills, but it is a social setting that allows for relationship building among friends and peers. First Tee has classes available for children ranging from age 5-17. There is a class and place for every child at First Tee as it is a welcoming, leadership based program to be involved in. Additionally, it is worth consulting the class schedule as there are classes that last for one hour while others last for longer.

            Something to note about the First Tee program in Hamilton County is that if your child is enrolled in one of theri 2023 classes, your child has access to the open range without any additional charges. This is a notable benefit because it allows each child to apply new skills outside of class time and get in the habit of regular practice.

            If you are interested in getting your child enrolled in any of First Tee’s classes this Summer or at a later time, you can register at https://firstteetennessee.org/ or contact Tim Haralson, the Program Director,  at tharalson@tngolf.org.

Council Fire

Junior Golf Lessons and Golf League at Council Fire Golf Club

            Another great program for Junior Golfers in the Chattanooga area is Council Fire Golf Club’s Junior Golf Effort. The Junior Golf Effort isa PGA Junior League which is a program that allows children aged 5-13 to participate in competitions with other PGA Junior Leagues in order to improve their golf game and gain exposure to golf matches. If your junior golfer already has some golf experience, this could be an excellent option.

Further, joining a PGA Junior League is an excellent way for junior golfers to acquire golf experience in addition to building skill development, build sportsmanship beginning at a young age, and build a peer structure based on teamwork and camaraderie.

In addition to the golf league, Council Fire offers golf lessons to children. Taught by local PGA professionals, Council Fire’s lessons are some of Chattanooga’s best with a motto of progression rather than perfection. Not only is this a great way to build a junior golfer’s level and skill set, but it is beneficial to build this type of fundamental way of thinking about golf. According to Council Fire’s website, the golf lessons are led with the intention of, “breaking golf down into three components” in order to establish and build on foundational components of the game.

            With differing price points based on age and membership, Council Fire’s golf lessons are worth the investment in my opinion. If you are interested in inquiring further about golf lessons at Council Fire, be sure to reach out to their PGA Professional Instructors. More specifically, Chris DeBusk, General Manager, can be reached at CDeBusk@councilfireclub.com

and Brandon Arnold, PGA Professional, can be contacted at BArnold@councilfireclub.com . To read more about current pricing for lessons and involvement in the PGA Junior League, use the hyperlinks below.

Girl's Golf of Chattanooga, TN

Girls Golf - LPGA USA

            The last program that we will be featuring is for Junior Girl golfers. Girls Golf is a program developed by the LPGA. It is designed to introduce and engage girls in the game of golf and provide them with opportunities for skill development, mentorship, and empowerment. If you have a junior girl golfer, this would be an excellent atmosphere for her to be involved in as it is geared towards developing the skills of girl golfers. An organization that is a part of the LPGA-USGA, Girls Golf is membership-based. Girls Golf participates in several local events and practices annually. Therefore, if your golfer joins now, they will be able to grow their golf skill set throughout the year while attending activities with golf peers.

            The Girls Golf program by LPGA-USGA has made significant efforts to promote female participation in golf, break down barriers, and create a pathway for girls to excel in the sport. It continues to inspire and empower girls across the country, fostering a new female generation of golfers.

            If you are interested in becoming involved with Girls Golf, use the hyperlink below to access their website.

We hope your junior golfer is able to take advantage of Chattanooga area programs this Summer.

Remember that golf, like any sport, should be introduced to children in a supportive and enjoyable manner. It's important to focus on fun, skill development, and fostering a love for the game rather than putting excessive pressure on competitive performance.

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