From Tee to Green, Selecting a Putter

Perfecting Your Putt: The Putter's Path to Golfing Glory

The Putter: The Key to Success on the Course

Last week, we highlighted the importance of the short game while focusing on wedges. This week, we are shifting our focus to a spotlight on putters as they are instrumental to the success of your short game.  It's the club that can make or break a round, turning a potential birdie into a bogey. In this edition of "Tee to Green," we are going to delve into the composition of putters, important aspects surrounding putters, and additional advice regarding short game. Ultimately, we hope to equip you with some information that will better inform you on the topic of selecting a putter.  

Composition of a Putter

The Composition of A Putter

Though seemingly straightforward, the putter’s design is anything but simple. Understanding the anatomy of a putter is crucial to appreciating the nuances that make it a precision instrument for golfers.

1. Head Design

Blade Putters: Characterized by a thin, flat clubhead, these putters are optimal for golfers who prefer a traditional and classic design.
Mallet Putters: Featuring a larger, often more elaborate head, mallet putters allow for increased stability and forgiveness.

2. Face Inserts

Metal Inserts: Many modern putters incorporate face inserts made from materials such as aluminum to enhance feel and control.
Groove Patterns: Innovations in groove patterns on the putter face aim to improve roll and reduce skidding for an overall smoother roll.

3. Shaft

Length & Composition: Putter shafts are created in various lengths, and the choice between steel and graphite can significantly impact or vary the club’s feel and balance.

4. Grip

Thickness: Golfers can select grips of varying thicknesses and materials to customize the feel of their putter. This affects the overall comfort and control that the golfer has during the stroke.

Additional Components to a Putter

Additional Components of A Putter

1. Weight Distribution:

Balance and MOI: Achieving the right balance and Moment of Inertia (MOI) in a putter is critical for consistency in stroke and minimizing the impact of off-center hits.

2. Alignment Aids:

Visual Cues: Putters often come with alignment aids. These can be simple lines or more intricate patterns all of which assist golfers in aligning their putts accurately.

3. Center of Gravity (CG):

Impact on Feel: The location of the center of gravity in a putter influences the feel and sound upon impact, with a well-designed CG contributing to a consistent roll.

Personal Fitting

Personal Fitting for A Putter

Generally, seeking out a personal fitting when selecting a new golf club will ensure that your golf clubs are equipped to best suit your style of golfing. The three primary elements to consider when being fitted for a golf club are:

Stroke Type:

Assessing whether your stroke is straight-back-straight-through, slight arc, or strong arc. Each of these stroke types are best suited for different putter heads. This is important information to identify.

Lie Angle:

Ensuring the putter's lie angle matches your posture and stroke to reduce off-center impact. This is important to consider because this can affect a golfer’s risk at hitting off-center hits when using the golf club.


Finding the optimal length for your putter to maintain a comfortable and consistent setup. Comfort is vital when selecting a new golf club.

At Golf Superstore, we are proud to be a Top 100 Fitter. If you would like more information on a personal golf club fitting, we highly encourage you to call us at 855-643-1800. 

The Mental Game

The Mental Game

If you’re a regular reader, you will know that I emphasize the importance of mental games while on the course. Beyond the physical aspects, putting can also be a mental challenge. Confidence, focus, and the ability to read the greens are as crucial as the equipment in your hands.

Adding A New Putter To Your Arsenal Can Improve Your Game on the Green

The putter, often considered the most personal club in a golfer's bag, is crucial to success in your golf game. Choosing the right putter involves understanding your stroke, analyzing the design and technology behind each club, and ultimately finding the perfect balance that translates into a reliable and confident putting game. As you step onto the green, taking with you the right knowledge and equipment, we wish you the best of luck as you improve your efforts within your short game.

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