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Best Ping Golf Bags

Ping Golf bags 

The ping brand has been synonymous with golf bags for years now and we choose them every time. Their options allow you to choose between extremely light carry bags or durable stand bags.  

The Hoofer Stand Bag 

If organization is your priority, this bag is a great option. The sleek design and solid construction allow you to feel professional without being weighed down. The straps can change from backpack style to one strap easily and they don’t bunch up uncomfortably.  

The 6 slot opening keeps clubs isolated so they stay exactly where you put them and don’t clank around when moving between holes. 

I love the rain hood attachment too. With other bags, the placement makes it a bit awkward to reach and hard to attach but this bag is easy to use.  

This bag holds so many things. The 11 pockets can all be put to good use and there is even a special water bottle holder and magnetic rangefinder attachment.  

At a Glance 

  • Clubs are well-protected and less prone to bunching in a top engineered to give your gear generous space.  

  • High-impact polypropylene construction and anti-flex walls provide solid support. 

  • A cart strap pass-thru channel that slides behind the pockets to keep them accessible. 

  • Keeping your clubs dry is easy; simply deploy the rain hood that is snapped inside the cushioned hip pad. When it's not raining, the rain hood provides extra padding for the walk. 

  • A magnetic range-finder pocket makes for easy access. 

  • No fumbling for your water bottle while striding down the fairway. The water-bottle pocket is located on the lower part of the bag so it's easy to reach and replace as you're walking. 

ping stand golf bag


Ping Pioneer Monsoon 201 Cart Bag 

Nobody wants their gear to get wet, but sometimes we end up unprepared for a drizzly day on the course. The entire construction of this bag is waterproofed and includes ventilated mesh pockets.   

The 15 way top separates each of your clubs so you can stay organized.  

The strap pass wont block any of the 12 pockets. 

At a Glance 

  • 15-way top, 7 lbs. 
  • 10 pockets 
  • 29L pocket volume 
  • Water-repellent construction, 6 seam-sealed pockets 
  • Beverage pocket 
  • 2 ventilated mesh slip pockets 
  • Abrasion-resistant putter well 

monsoon golf bag 

Hoofer Craz-e Lite 

As you would assume, this bag is very similar to the Hoofer stand bag but...lighter.  

It is PING's lightest Hoofer bag to date, but pulls it’s weight with its feather light carbon-fiber legs, and durable pockets. Ping invented a new fabric that promises to impress because of its better strength capacity. 

I am the type who prefers to carry my bag rather than use a cart, and I loved how light this one is. It also fits nicely in any car trunk, so there is no awkward rearranging.  

At a Glance 

  • A newly re-engineered back puck makes it far easier to convert PING carry bags from backpack style to a single-strap carry.  
  • High tensile strength (HTS) fabric helps create our lightest Hoofer bag to date. 
  • Keeping your clubs dry is easy; simply deploy the rain hood that is snapped inside the cushioned hip pad. When it's not raining, the rain hood provides extra padding for the walk. 
  • A seam-sealed, lined valuables pocket keeps your belongings safe and dry. 
  • Zippered, insulated multi-use water bottle pocket. 

 red golf bag from ping brand

Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag 

The Lite stand bag has many of the features of the Craz-e lite and original Hoofer. While not as light as the Craz-e light, you get more room for storage.  

Storage areas allow for maximum efficiency, and the apparel pocket has a full-length zipper for easier access. 

At a Glance 

  • Hooferlite now includes a cart-strap channel. 
  • More room for gloves, snacks, and clothes 
  • Zippered, insulated multi-use water bottle pocket. 
  • Rain hood attached inside cushioned hip pad. 

green golf bag

Overall, you really can’t go wrong with any of the Ping bags. The price and quality can’t be beat by any other brands on the market. The many styles guarantee that there is something for everyone.  

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