Best Putters of 2023

Putting Precision: Unveiling the Best-Selling Putters of 2023

Best Selling Putters of 2023

Our Best Selling Putters 2023

            We are officially in the midst of Summer golf season, which means you may be looking for a few ways to improve your golf game. Golf Superstore has you covered with this week's blog. This week's blog will be a review, or detailed synopsis, of our best-selling putters. There is no better time to consider adding a new putter to your golf collection.

Adding a high-performing putter to your collection can significantly improve your golf game.

            If you regularly follow our social media posts, you may know that one of the recent golf tips surrounds regularly practicing short games. Not only this, but we have made an entire blog dedicated to the importance of short game. The short game holds much weight in determining the overall outcome of a round of golf, so it is worth investing in quality golf clubs that allow you to shave numbers off of your total score, such as a putter. So, please keep reading to learn about some of our top-selling putters at Golf Superstore.

 Top Three Best-Selling Men’s Putters 2023

            First, we will discuss our top three best-selling men's putters for 2023. The first one we will review is the Scotty Cameron 2023 Super Select Newport Plus Putter, then the Cobra King Sport 45 Putter, and finishing the Mizuno 2021 M Craft Type II Putter.

2023 Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport Plus

Scotty Cameron 2023 Super Select Newport Plus Putter

            Scotty Cameron is a renowned brand known for its high-quality putters, and the brand regularly releases new products that continue to elevate the game of golf. Scotty Cameron putters are often favored by both beginners and pro golfers, making them suitable for our readers or customers.

            Our best-selling men's putter, the Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport Plus, is the most recent release of this model. This new model has many unique, high-performing features, such as a new face size, pistol in plus grip, and optimal weight distribution for maximized results.

            In particular, the Super Select Newport Plus measures wider from face to flange than its earlier counterparts making the sweet spot larger than before. Additionally, the blade-style putter received a redesign on the face using cutting-edge technology. To distribute weight on this putter most efficiently, the brand implemented weight distribution throughout the perimeter while also using a 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum sole plate. Additionally, Scotty Cameron's brand designed this model using a milled flange sight line to improve alignment, making it a great option if you prioritize this facet.

I have continued emphasizing the importance of comfort while playing golf because it can improve your golf game and confidence. The brand crafted the model using an all-new Pistolini Plus grip and shaft band to prioritize comfort for golfers using this putter. Overall, this club is an excellent option if you are searching for a putter that offers forgiveness, alignment, and comfort. If you want to shop for this putter on our website, use the link below.

At A Glance:

  • New Wider Face Size
  • Improved Blade Design
  • Pistolini Plus Grip
  • Optimal Weight Distribution
  • Comfort

Cobra King Sport 45

Cobra King Sport 45 Putter

            Cobra King putters are a line of golf putters manufactured by Cobra Golf, a well-known brand. Cobra has undoubtedly contributed excellently to the golf community by establishing high-quality clubs. This model is a part of their Vintage collection and demonstrates the brand's vital production of golf clubs. If you are a car connoisseur, you may notice that several of their golf clubs are reminiscent of vintage cars, which makes the brand all the more personable to specific clients.

            Concerning this particular putter model, the Sport 45 is our second-best-selling men's putter. It features a classic blade shape in addition to a plumber neck hosel. Cobra Golf designed the blade shape using 304 stainless steel and a sightline which helps with alignment. These qualities make this putter optimal for anyone with an arc putting stroke who may need additional control on both long and short putts.

            A Sik Aluminum Face Insert is another excellent quality in the Sport 45 Putter. The face insert was crafted using SIK Golf's Descending Loft Technology, giving the putter a superb feel. Lastly, the Sport 45 Putter is suited with two 20g sole weights that can be separated according to the golfer's preference. This putter comes equipped with a vast amount of high-performance technology that would be best suited for someone prioritizing a putter with alignment, control, and feel. If you want to access this putter via our website, use the link below.

At A Glance:

  • Classic Blade Shape
  • Plumber Neck Hosel
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Sik Aluminum Face Insert
  • Excellent Feel

 2021 Mizuno M Craft Type II

Mizuno 2021 M Craft Type II Putter

            Our third-best-selling men's putter, the 2021 M Craft Type II Putter, is a model released by Mizuno, an established golf brand. The M Craft Type II is a part of the M Craft collection of putters known for their precision craftsmanship and attention to detail. My favorite features of this putter include the precision milled face, heavyweight stability, and additional weight kit.

            The putter face is precision milled to ensure consistent ball contact and a smooth roll, promoting improved accuracy and distance control. To yield this result, Mizuno crafted this putter using 1025 mild carbon steel and combined it with the deep milling, ultimately giving the desired roll. The heavyweight stability consists of heel-toe weighting, ultimately keeping the weight distribution toward the heel and toe, which aims to increase forgiveness and stability on mis-hits on the green. This gives the putter a more prominent sweet spot. 

            The M Craft Type II Putter comes equipped with an additional weight kit. In particular, the putter comes stocked with two 3-gram weights and two 13-gram weights, which can be switched with the two pre-existing 8-gram weights. This is an excellent design on Mizuno's end because it allows the golfer to adjust the putter according to putting conditions. In conclusion, this putter is perfect for golfers who prioritize accuracy, distance control, and forgiveness. If you want to access this putter on our website, use the link below.

At  A Glance:

  • Precision Milled Face
  • Heavyweight Stability
  • Additional Weight Kit
  • Optimal Forgiveness
  • Distance Control

Top Three Best-Selling Women’s Putters 2023

            Now that we have discussed our best-selling men’s putters, I will highlight three of our top-selling women’s putters for 2023.

Odyssey DFX Rose Putter

Women’s Odyssey DFX Rossie Putter

            Odyssey is an acclaimed brand within the golf industry known for its innovative putter designs and technology. Odyssey offers a wide range of putter models designed to suit the preferences of a large golf audience, from beginners to professionals. Each putter from the DFX collection, which the Rossie putter belongs to, comes equipped with soft insert technology to give the golfer an excellent feel while playing.

            The Rossie Putter, our best-selling women's putter, features a mallet-style head design, making it a more forgiving putter. This style of face provides more forgiveness than blade-style putters. Additionally, the face shape gives golfers enhanced stability while also yielding alignment. Complete with a pearlescent white finish, the Rossie Putter is stylish and well-made, as the exterior finishes make it evident.

            Odyssey also advertises that the insert used to curate the DFX collection is the softest insert the brand has ever put into any of its clubs. In particular, the face insert used is 20% softer than the White Hot collection produced by Odyssey prior. Additionally, Odyssey prides itself on the fact that the Rossie Putter was crafted entirely for women. With shorter lengths and smaller grips, the Rossie is wholly tailored for women's success. Overall, if you are a golfer prioritizing soft feel, stability, and alignment, the DFX Rossie Putter by Odyssey is excellent. If you are interested in shopping for this product further, use the link below.

At A Glance:

  • Softest Face Insert
  • Pearlescent White Finish
  • Shorter Length
  • Smaller Grip
  • Mallet-Style Head Design

Odyssey DFX #7 Putter

Women’s Odyssey DFX #7 Putter

            The women's Odyssey DFX #7 Putter is a model designed specifically for female golfers, as the line uses several features best suited for women. This model is a mallet-style putter, similar to the Rossie Putter. Both were released as a part of the DFX collection, making them excellent putters. However, they vary slightly regarding the composition of the face.

            The soft face insert is also present in the #7 Putter and is one of my favorite facets of the collection because it gives the golfer a smooth, controlled putt while on the green. The benefits of this are seen especially after a long-distance putt.

            Lastly, Odyssey continued its use of the pearlescent white finish while crafting the #7, which makes it stylish and high-quality. The DFX #7 Putter is optimal for golfers prioritizing soft feel, control, and alignment. If you are interested in learning or shopping this club further, use the link below.

At A Glance:

  • Softest Face Insert
  • Pearlescent White Finish
  • Mallet-Style Head Design
  • Designed For Women

Odyssey DFX 2 Ball Putter

Women’s Odyssey DFX 2-Ball Putter

            Our third best-selling women's putter is another Odyssey DFX Putter. Between Odyssey's soft face insert and legendary face shape used among the DFX line, these are high-performing, well-made putters that would be an excellent purchase for golfers at any level.

The DFX 2-Ball Putter, similar to the prior putters, is designed specifically for women through its technology. Additionally, the 2-Ball Putter design from Odyssey is characterized by its distinctive alignment aid: a pair of two white circular discs on top of the putter head.

            Overall, this putter is an excellent option for golfers searching for a putter that yields alignment and a soft feel. If you want to access this putter online, use the link below.

At A Glance:

  • Legendary Odyssey Face Design
  • Odyssey’s Softest Face Insert
  • Designed For Women
  • Soft Feel
  • Enhanced Alignment

Swing into the Golf Season with Any of These Best-Selling Putters

            Overall, these putters have been manufactured by some of the golf industry's top-performing, prominent brands. If you want to expand your golf collection, you can go right with all these putters.

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