Vokey SM9 brass, chrome, and black wedges

SM9 Vokey Wedges

SM9 Vokey Wedges

Vokey wedges have been at the forefront of golf innovation for years now and have competitive offerings. The customization options with Wedge works are unlike anything available on the market and allow you to enjoy a personal flair on the green. The most recent design, the SM9 wedge, has been updated to allow you to customize even the most minor details like loft, bounce, and grind.

23 different models offer a range of options for every player. Lofts range from 46 to 62 degrees and 6 other grind models. All these options can be mixed and matched for the ultimate experience.

The center of gravity progression has been improved. The CG has been raised, which allows for proper alignment without the player even noticing. Other wedges on the market are missing the solid feeling provided by the SM9’s front weight. This allows for a significantly more effective shot in our experience.


The cutting process has been improved to allow for more exact dimensions and consistently tighter grooves. Milled grooves provide sharper lines because they are not stamped into the wedge, and each is inspected to ensure compliance with regulations. Vokey developed their series of 6 wedge grinds by working with the best players in the world.

Grinds will range from deeper and narrower to shallower and wider. With deeper and narrower grinds, you will be able to maneuver out of rougher terrain as the grooves push more debris away from the face of the club. As you move towards higher lofted wedges, the groves will become wider and shallower to improve friction, giving the player more backspin and control over the ball.

The spin control is noticeable on half swings and chips but insane on full swings. Even on shots closer to the toe of the club, it creates similar check. Overall, the club is very forgiving and well conceptualized.

Below are descriptions of each grind model. It is essential to figure out which one works best for you. 

  • F-Grind: all-purpose— most used as sand wedge on tour. Best suited for full shots.
  • M-Grind: Ideal for players with shallow, sweeping style type shot, offers the most playability
  • S-Grind: has faster feel—best for neutral/firm condition
  • D-Grind: best for players who come at a ball from many clubfaces' positions
  • K-Grind: the ultimate bunker club—forgiving from sand conditions
  • L-Grind: low bounce—for precise players looking to make shots, firm conditions, and sweeper swing styles

You can even take a quiz here to determine which wedge works best for you. In addition, our local Chattanooga store offers fitting sessions and can help you find the right club for you.


Wedge bounce is the angle created by the leading edge and trailing edge. The higher the degree, there is less digging on impact and will have more bounce. This is typically an easier wedge to use. An average golfer chooses a wedge of around 10-14 degrees. Bob Vokey says that “Bounce is your friend,” because it provides forgiveness on all wedge shots, allowing you to still strike the ball properly if you make mistakes.

Low bounce wedges are ideal for hard turf conditions. Use these when you are certain you can make clean ball contact, as there is little room for mistakes.

Mid bounce wedges are suited for most areas around the green. This angle is around 7-10 degrees and is suited for most golfers, as they help with trajectory control.

High bounce wedges are meant for rough conditions like softer turf or sand. These generate a lot of spin which helps with control in short games.

What is impressive about the Vokey SM9 is how easily it slices through the turf. Even with low bounce it resists digging into the ground.


The loft is the angle between the face and the ground. Simply put— the lower the angle, the farther the ball will go. The size of the loft differs for every club in your bag. Typically, the pitching wedges have a loft of 42° to 47°. Gap wedges are at 47° to 52°. Sand wedges generally feature lofts of 54° to 56°. Lob wedges have the highest lofts at 58° to 62°. Match your wedge grind, bounce and loft for the perfect club.


The aesthetics are the next level. There are 3 finishes to fit your look: Tour Chrome, Jet Black, Brushed Steel, and Raw. The modern look is classic and blends in well with any set of clubs. You can add personalized hand stamping, toe engraving, or a custom wings grip in multiple color options.

Vokey wedges have style without sacrificing functionality. Any kind of golfer can find what they need from the Vokey SM9.


Overall, the SM9 has a lower launch speed with higher back spin which is due to changes in CG from previous models. In addition, previous models had higher flight as a player hit the ball harder. With the SM9, it is designed to have lower ball flight lines with higher lofted wedges, creating more control and accurate shots.

With a wide variety of customizations, this club can be used by a wide variety of players from beginners to champions. Lower handicappers who are after performance will love the control that they can gain out of the SM9. Higher handicappers who are struggling with staying on the green will enjoy the noticeable backspin from the custom grinds. Whatever your handicap is, you are guaranteed to improve your short game.

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