Taylormade & Odyssey Men and Women Putter Review

Taylormade and Odyssey Putter Review

TaylorMade and Odyssey Putters

            Last week, the blog featured Callaway drivers and hybrids. As I touched on in that post, I wanted to highlight one of my personal favorite brands that are sold at Golf Superstore in case any of our readers are looking to expand their club collection in anticipation of the warm weather. I am looking forward to warmer weather because it makes for the best golf days, whether just going to the range or playing a full round.

This week, I wanted to highlight two more brands that consistently yield good customer reviews. I enjoy TaylorMade's clubs but, more generally, their products. The same goes for Odyssey. So, even if you are not in the market for a new putter, I hope you can get a good idea of TaylorMade's and Odyssey's products and putters in particular. I will recommend three TaylorMade men's putters and three Odyssey women's putters to achieve this.

Men's TaylorMade Putters

            First, I will share three recommendations for men's TaylorMade putters.

TaylorMade Spider FCG #7 Putter

TaylorMade Spider FCG#7 Single Bend Putter

            Our best-selling TaylorMade putter is perfect for people with an arced putting stroke because it is designed with TaylorMade's signature technology to combat it. In particular, this putter features forward CG placement in addition to its mallet shape and perimeter weight. All three of these design features create a very forgiving putter.

            Another great addition TaylorMade included with this putter is the T-Sightline True Path™ Alignment. Essentially, this creates a perpendicular alignment that allows the handler of the club to complete their stroke in accordance with the front edge.

            Lastly, this putter includes heel and tungsten weighting to create increased stability, contributing to this club's strength.

At A Glance:

  • Forward Center of Gravity
  • T-Sightline True Path™ Alignment
  • Aged Copper Pure Roll™ Insert
  • Heel and Toe Tungsten Weighting
  • Adjustable Sole Weights
  • KBS Stepless Stability Shaft

TaylorMade Spider GT Putter

TaylorMade Spider GT RollBack Putter

            My favorite characteristics of this putter are the arched top design, which allows the player to visualize the anticipated stroke line better and increase overall alignment abilities. To add to the top-notch quality of this club, TaylorMade implemented a new design feature: a heavy tungsten bar for stability. The tungsten bar extends onto the back and side of the putter to enhance stability and add forgiveness.

            Next, a significant aspect of this putter is the Pure Roll² Insert which ensures a topspin is put onto the ball after the club face makes contact with it. Manufactured with black TPU urethane with silver aluminum beams at a 45° angle, this putter includes some of TaylorMade's newest and top-quality technology.

            The shaft on this putter includes TaylorMade's Fluted Feel™. Made to increase stability, this shaft has a softer section located 5" from the tip. Overall, I would rate the quality of this putter as exceptional.

At A Glance:

  • RollBack Top Design
  • Aluminum Cap and Tri-Sole Design
  • Tungsten Roll Bar for Stability
  • Pure Roll² Insert for Improved Top Spin
  • Fluted Feel™ Shaft

TaylorMade Hydroblast Del Monte #1 PutterTaylorMade Hydroblast Del Monte #1 Putter

            Released in 2021, TaylorMade designed this putter to blend the modern and traditional look of a putter. In my opinion, they accomplished this by using unique features and high-quality technology.

            The Del Monte shape of this putter is composed of a shorter blade length and a broader area from front to back. This is one of the ways TaylorMade created a mixture of the classic putter look while putting a modern spin on it. Additionally, the shape seeks to instill confidence within the player.

            Like the last putter I discussed, TaylorMade used the Pure Roll² Insert while creating the Hydroblast Del Monte #1. This enhances the club overall because the grooves are positioned at a 45-degree angle, optimizing the ball's roll.

At A Glance:

  • Del Monte Shape
  • White Pure Roll² Face Insert
  • Moderate Face Rotation
  • Hydroblast finish

Odyssey DFX Rossie Putter

Women's Odyssey Putters

            Next, I will recommend and discuss three women's Odyssey putters.

Women's Odyssey DFX Rossie Putter

            Our best-selling women's putter, I thoroughly believe Odyssey crafted this using well-made technology. First and foremost, Odyssey manufactured this putter using its softest insert to create a smooth roll while on the green. The DFX insert also creates a smoother feel as it is being handled.

            The finish on this putter is also nice. Odyssey stylistically curated this club using a pearlescent white finish, making it stand out. It is very visually appealing. Another aesthetic choice that Odyssey tailored this club with was its head shape which is unique to Odyssey's design. 

At A Glance:

  • Odyssey's Softest Insert
  • Pearlescent White Finish
  • Legendary Odyssey Head Shape
  • Designed For Women

Odyssey White Hot DG 2 Ball Putter

Women's 2022 Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball Putter SL

            One of Odyssey's most recent releases, this putter, hence the name, is an iconic 2-ball putter. It also features a double-bend face-balanced mallet which pairs perfectly with minimal face rotation and arc.

            With regards to the technological composition of this club, Odyssey implemented its two-part urethane insert technology. This dual-faceted technology comprises a rich silver PVD finish and fine milling on all critical surfaces. One of the other notable features built into the putter is its slim pistol grip. The renowned material optimizes comfort while completing any strokes on the green.

            This model also includes the White Hot insert. Many professional and amateur players can attest that it contributes to exceptional performance on the green.

At A Glance:

  • Double-Bend Face Mallet
  • White Hot Insert
  • Milled Surface Finish
  • High-Performance Shafts
  • Slim Pistol Grip

Odyssey DFX #7 Putter

Odyssey Women's Odyssey DFX #7 Putter

            This putter is very similar to the DFX Rossie model because it was released as part of the DFX collection. The main difference between the two clubs is the club's faces. If you are deciding between the #7 and Rossie, it really depends on your preference concerning the face shape because both are manufactured using the same technology and high-quality materials.

            In comparison to the Odyssey's White Hot putter, the insert on the DFX #7 is 20 percent softer. The soft-club face is my favorite facet of Odyssey's DFX line because it allows the player to gain more control over those long-distance putts.

            Lastly, to add to the stylistic appeal of this putter, Odyssey continued the use of their pearlescent white finish while designing this club.

At A Glance:

  • Legendary Odyssey Face Shape
  • Odyssey's Softest Insert
  • Pearlescent White Finish
  • Designed for Women

In conclusion, those are my top three recommendations regarding TaylorMade Men's Putters and Odyssey Women's Putters. As I mentioned briefly at the beginning of the blog, I hope that even if you are not searching for a new putter, you were able to familiarize yourself with some of TaylorMade's and Odyssey's cutting-edge technology and signature features. If you are in the market for a new putter, I hope you were able to get some inspiration from this week's blog!

 Best of luck on the course, and be sure to use the links below to shop for the referenced products.

TaylorMade Spider FCG #7 Single Bend Putter: https://bit.ly/taylormadefcg7singlebend

TaylorMade Spider GT RollBack Putter: https://bit.ly/taylormadespidergtrollback

TaylorMade HydroBlast Del Monte #1 Putter: https://bit.ly/taylormadedelmonte

Women’s Odyssey DFX Rossie Putter: https://bit.ly/odysseydfxrossie

Women’s Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball Putter SL: https://bit.ly/odysseywhitehotog2ball

Women’s Odyssey DFX #7 Putter: https://bit.ly/odysseydfx7
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