The Best Golf Grips

The Best Golf Grips

Golf Grips

Golf grips are one of the most important aspects of a proper golf setup. Without a good grip, you could end up pulling a Happy Gilmore, AKA really embarrassing yourself with a flying golf club.

There are 3 main golf grip textures: cord, wrap, and velvet. Each offers a unique benefit.

cord texture grip

The cord grip creates the strongest hold when compared with the others. The visible string that runs through the center can create good hold but is less comfortable than non-cord varieties.

tour wrap golf grip

By wrapping around, your hands can fall into the natural indentations, allowing easier grip. These are much more comfortable than cord grips while still allowing for a stronghold.

tour velvet golf grip

Velvet grips are a middle ground between the two discussed above. The “tackiness” of the materials keeps your grip stable but don’t have the uncomfortable cord.

what grip do pros use?
Over time, grips wear down due to oils on your hands, dirt, and UV rays.
Most coaches recommend changing your golf grip once a year before the season starts.
You can quickly tell if you need to change it. An old grip will feel slick in the hands with a glossy sheen. The words on the plastic may be worn off or discolored.

Below are a few of our recommendations for those looking for suggestions on the best grips available.


By Golf Pride

This grip has been top-rated by industry experts.

The MCC Plus4 is a tour-proven, hybrid grip featuring a larger lower hand and new soft rubber material. We like this grip for its larger lower hand diameter than the Original MCC. The Plus4 helps create lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased power. The lower hand features a soft, responsive rubber compound ideal for an enhanced feel. The upper hand material is a soft compound with Brushed Cotton Cord and new, strategically placed Micro-Texture for downswing stability.


By Lamkin

Crossline features a highly-durable compound and best-in-class torsion control for improved shot-making and confidence, making Crossline one of Lamkin’s best-selling grips for over 20 years—and a popular choice on the PGA Tour. Everyone wants to use what the pros do.


S-Tech Cord Golf Grips

By SuperStroke

If you are looking for ultimate control and feedback, look no further. SuperStroke created this performance-driven grip with a premium rubber compound that provides the right amount of softness and tack. The cross-traction refined texture offers incredible non-slip performance and ensures it delivers in all weather conditions.


Karma Standard Velvet Golf Grips

The Karma Velour grips feature a familiar and proven grip pattern that makes them one of the most popular grips in the industry at a great price. You may just need something simple that does the job without breaking the bank. You can find whole packs of 12 at just $50.

Lamkin Comfort Plus Golf Grips

This is the most comfortable grip I have ever held. Engineered to provide an ultra-comfortable alternative non-rubber grip, the Comfort PLUS utilizes unbuffed Lamkin DSX material to provide a durably soft feel, incredible surface tack, and player-preferred response. The shallow micro-texture pattern delivers the perfect surface traction while maintaining a classic, comfortable feel. The straight profile with a larger lower hand promotes lighter grip pressure for consistency.


Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Golf Grips

Bring more consistency to your game by fitting your clubs with Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN Grips. Their tech improves clubface awareness and utilizes a red mark that rises and extends down the back of the grip for consistent, easily repeatable hand alignment. A state-of-the-art rubber blend maximizes comfort and playability in all playing conditions. The smart, designed, non-slip surface pattern pulls moisture away from the surface for a secure grip.

There you have it: the best grips of 2022. Keep these in mind the next time your grip needs replacing.  

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