Titleist Golf Ball Review

Titleist Golf Ball Review

Titleist Golf Balls

A reliable brand overall, Titleist is my go-to for individuals who come into the store looking for a new type of golf ball. Based on personal experience and customer reviews, I think that you cannot go wrong with purchasing any of Titleist's golf balls. They are well-manufactured, strategically designed, and made to perform well once contact with the club face is initiated. That being said, similar to golf clubs, knowing what to look for in a golf ball is essential. Skill level, weather, and golfing style are all pertinent factors to consider while searching for a new golf ball. Therefore, I wanted this week's blog to be an overall review of the top four golf balls that I would recommend by Titleist. I will be covering the main features of the golf ball so that you, as the audience, can identify which ball aligns with what you are most looking for in a ball.

Titleist 2021 Pro V1X Golf Ball

Titleist 2021 Pro V1X Golf Balls

Our best-selling Titleist golf balls, this ball is designed for those long-distance shots. Additionally, the 2021 Pro V1X enhances speed and aims to control backspin. Titleist released this newer, updated design due to its popular predecessor, the Titleist 2020 Pro V1X.

This golf ball features cutting-edge technology to achieve a longer distance when used. In particular, the aerodynamic construction includes a new spherically-tilled 348 tetrahedral temple. This attribute increases the ball's speed and reduces the drag of the ball. Further, the aerodynamic design creates a high trajectory when the ball is sent into the air, thereby giving the ball a smoother land on the green.

In addition to the distance and trajectory that comes with this ball, it gives the player excellent spin control. The softer feel combined with the Increased Drop-and-Stop™ Short Game Control allows for a more controlled spin. Lastly, concerning the high degree of technology used to create the Pro V1X, the Softer Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover System makes this ball highly durable.

At A Glance:

Longer Distance with Consistent Flight
Low Long Game Spin and High Trajectory
Increased Drop-and-Stop™ Short Game Control
Softer Feel
Softer Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover System
Faster Low Spin Casing Layer
Titleist 2022 Tour Soft Golf Ball

Titleist 2022 Tour Soft Golf Balls

This ball, in my experience, performs really well while on the green. I recommend it to those wanting a golf ball with a softer feel, soft feel, and short-game control. However, it also performs well on long-distance shots; it is more geared toward those short game or short-distance shots. Titleist strongly prioritizes its aerodynamic technology, and this ball certainly speaks to that.

Concerning the technology which makes the Tour Soft optimal for short game shots, the Thin 4CE Grafted Cover gives this golf ball control, backspin, and durability. This technology also increases the amount of usage that the player can utilize.

Returning to the idea of Titleist's aerodynamic designs, the Tour Soft includes a 346 Quadrilateral Dipyramid Dimple Design, which gives the player access to consistent flight and enhanced distance off of the tee.

At A Glance:

Longer Distance off the Tee
Consistent Flight and Improved Aerodynamics
Reliable Short Game Control
Soft Feel
Large Fast Core
346 Quadrilateral Dipyramid Dimple Design
Thin 4CE Grafted Cover
Titleist 2022 TruFeel Golf Ball

Titleist 2022 TruFeel Golf Balls

In contrast to the 2022 Tour Soft, this ball is more geared toward longer-distance shots. That is not to say it does not make an excellent ball while on the green; the TruFeel has many distinguishing features that make it a top choice for distance shots. Also, I recommend this ball as a winter or colder weather ball. Its core makes it ideal for those harsher climates where the air pressure causes the ball to travel shorter distances.

One of the unique finishes of this ball is its signature TruTouch core. Ultimately, it is tailored to enhance distance and a softer feel. Another factor that adds to the distance this ball can attain is the TruFlex cover. Titleist's TruFlex cover adds a soft feel, spin, and distance. The TruFlex cover and TruTouch core work well together to optimize distance for the player.

Returning to Titleist's high-quality aerodynamics, the brand continued to use this ball to emphasize its importance by implementing the TruFit design for continuous distance off the tee and while in the fairways.

At A Glance:

Ultra Soft Feel
Longer Distance
Excellent Greenside Control
Larger and Faster TruTouch Core
Thinner Titleist TruFlex Cover
Spherically-Tiled 376 Tetrahedral Dimple Design
Titleist Tour Speed Golf Ball

Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls

Last but certainly not least are the Titleist Tour Speed golf balls. I would recommend these to anyone at any playing level because they are targeted to best suit both beginners and advanced players. Hence the name, this golf ball seeks to add distance to those longer shots. Personally, I think that these perform really well while using them from the tee box in particular.

One of the technological designs that makes this ball perfect for distance shots is its high-speed core technology. Further, the Tour Speed includes a 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design that reduces drag for a more penetrating ball flight and adds distance.

My favorite quality of this golf ball is its Proprietary Titleist Performance Urethane (TPU) Cover. The TPU cover gives the Tour Speed increased durability, which means you're getting more "bang for your buck" because these golf balls are long-lasting and will perform for an extended amount of time. This cover also elevates the backspin and control that the player is able to achieve while using this ball.

At A Glance:

Optimized Short Game Spin
Soft Feel
Reformulated, Proprietary Casing Layer
Proprietary Titleist Urethane (TPU) Cover
346 Quadrilateral Dipyramid Dimple Design

In conclusion, I do not think you could go wrong with any of these golf balls from Titleist. As I mentioned, these are some of our best-selling Titleist golf balls. I have also had great experiences using these golf balls in addition to receiving excellent reviews from customers.

Be sure to learn more about the products I discussed in this blog using the links below!

Titleist 2021 Pro V1X Golf Balls: https://bit.ly/titleistprov1x

Titleist 2022 Tour Soft Golf Balls: https://bit.ly/titleist2022toursoft

Titleist 2022 TruFeel Golf Balls: https://bit.ly/titleist2022trufeel

Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls: https://bit.ly/titleisttourspeed

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