Tour Edge Hot Launch Review

Tour Edge Hot Launch Review

Tour edge hot launch E522 

Tour Edge has quality products that can easily be tailored to fit your needs and serve a varied clientele, from tour players to beginners. Their Exotics line has won quite a few tours.   

The hot launch E522 driver is one of the best on the market right now, since it is relatively well priced 


The 522 is extreme looking in that the large head and long shallow face are different than you usually see. It has a conventional, glossy finish which looks very professional. I like this club's aesthetics more than any other club of a similar price. The sole is tasteful and not too busy. Simple and sleek.  Hot Launch e522 driver sleek design graphic


Their tagline of "The Easiest Clubs You'll Ever Hit" rings true for me. This club is best suited for beginners, and high handicappers, as the large head provides accuracy and forgiveness at a reasonable price.   

The face is decked out with Tour Edge's diamond face technology. They dub this as "42 little trampolines" behind the front of the driver. This style is unique to tour edge and could be the key to their superior forgiveness and reduced spin. This club would benefit any beginner or intermediate looking to lower their handicap. Diamond Face technology   


I've also never been so consistent in my shots. Every time I hit, many of which were not on the sweet spot, I made it where I wanted. The "Houdini sole" lowers the center of gravity to create a consistent launch. The trajectory is pretty high but with little spin. Often, it feels like you get one or the other with lower-cost drivers but not with the 522 hot launch. This shaft is also a half-inch shorter than the C522, which provides even more control.   

I love the weighting on this club. It feels heavy enough to provide the power you need without slowing you down. Tour Edge explains its back weight as "strategically placed to the extreme rear of the driver and is housed in an all-new Deep C.G. Casing that places more mass at the extreme trailing edge of the clubhead." This works to create a high M.O.I. (moment of inertia) rating. I feel this difference and can tell the lower positioning of the club allows for ease of launch and added forgiveness on impact.  

For those who like to rely on sound to know if they hit off-center, that may be a problem with this club. You get the same sound from the whole club face. The Arced sound channel does create a good feel to your hits, though. The A.R.C. sound channel system is a visible technology that can be seen on the sole of the clubhead. Internally, these channels bounce sound on the inside of the club head to provide quality sound and feel.  

The Fubuki H.L. shaft is extremely light and provides a lower "kick point" to increase maximum velocity.   

There is a bit of a draw left. This is perfect for those with a habit of slicing. I couldn't suggest this club more if you are slicing and changing your form isn't doing the trick.  


Overall, this is the club for you if you are a beginner golfer trying to maximize forgiveness. I recommend this club to anyone looking for a quality driver at a reasonable price. It is fun to hit and makes your issues feel small. 

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