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Frogger Frogger BrushPro

Frogger Frogger BrushPro

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The origins of Frogger Golf began with innovating upon the common golf brush and BrushPro was born in 2007. The BrushPro delivers game changing breakthroughs in innovation for golf brushes and won the coveted Best New Product award at the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show. The combination of revolutionary new never seen before features in the BrushPro clearly put Frogger on the map in the golf industry. BrushPro is by far still the best golf brush with it’s stylish ergonomic handle, extendable snapback retractable cord, revolutionary snag free combo bristles, flip out groove cleaner, and extra 100% nylon brush heads, replaceable brush heads, replaceable groove cleaners.

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