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Tour Edge

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Hybrid

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Hybrid

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Flex - Shaft

E722 Hybrid

This ultra-premium hybrid loaded with tech for extreme forgiveness and distance features the revolutionary RyzerSole Technology while bringing the ultimate in power, feel and forgiveness through Tour Edge’s breakthrough Diamond Face VFT™ technology.

RyzerSole Technology -The RyzerSole on the E722 Hybrid includes a sole rail and added weight that extends from leading edge to trailing edge.

The new RyzerSole produces a super-low and forward CG, high-launching shots with amazingly low spin rates, decreased turf interaction and maximum ball speed off the face.

Adjustable M.O.I. Boosting Back Weight - An adjustable 10-gram weight at the extreme trailing edge on the sole of the clubhead. The E722 hybrid’s extreme low-rearward CG position produces an extremely high M.O.I. and a deeper CG position.

The position of the backweight helps deliver an optimally located CG, maximizing M.O.I. and aiding extreme stability and resistance to twisting at impact.

Maraging Steel Face /Diamond Face VFT -A new Diamond Face VFT on a Maraging Steel Face is made up of diamond shapes of variable face thickness behind the face. There are 41 diamond shapes that function as mini-trampolines featured on Diamond Face VFT, comprising of seven different thicknesses in an interweaving pattern.

100% Carbon Fiber Crown -A Carbon Fiber Crown covers the entire crown area of the clubhead on the E722 Hybrid. The all-Carbon Crown provides the ultimate in power and feel.

A.R.C. Acoustic Engineering -Upgraded acoustic engineering is achieved though A.R.C. (Acoustic Resonance Channels) Engineering. The A.R.C. sound channel system is a visible technology that can be seen on the sole of the clubhead. Internally, these channels bounce sound on the inside of the club head to provide top-shelf sound and feel.

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