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Tour Edge

Tour Edge Exotics E723 Iron Set - Steel

Tour Edge Exotics E723 Iron Set - Steel

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Shaft - Set Make-Up

Exotics E723

This ultra-premium extreme distance iron is loaded with tech, including Tour Edge’s revolutionary VIBRCOR technology and breakthrough Diamond Face VFT technology that gives these irons incredible power and feel. 

VIBRCOR Technology

VIBRCOR TPU significantly alters the feel of the clubhead, produces faster ball speed, dampens sound and shock, and creates perimeter weighting around the entire clubhead for maximum forgiveness and power off the face. VIBRCOR allows for this sleek, extremely long and forgiving iron head to have the support, sound and feel of a forged iron in an Extreme Game Improvement iron body.

Diamond Face VFT

The mini trampolines that make-up Diamond Face VFT create faster ball speeds and an expanded sweet spot. The full-face increase in Diamond Face VFT coverage to the extreme heel and toe coverage ball speed on off-center hits while also greatly aiding forgiveness on these strikes.

360° Undercut Design

The design is a one-piece high-strength steel body with a 360-degree Undercut Design. What does it do? It lowers the CG to produce a higher launch and increased face flexing, ball speed and overall distance across the entire face. The multi-material electro-form cap now features carbon fiber for added perimeter weighting.

Extreme Toe Weighting

Extreme Toe Weighting achieved on the high toe in the rear portion of the club along with a new toe weighting pocket. This dual toe weighting elongates the sweet spot to achieve a higher MOI and strategic CG positioning right behind center face and further optimizes the sound and feel of the iron.


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