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Titleist 2023 Pro V1x - Dozen - White

Titleist 2023 Pro V1x - Dozen - White

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Pro V1x is the optimal premium performance choice forplayers looking for maximum distance, who need higherflight and more stopping power.
Pro V1x is most frequently recommended for players withlaunch conditions that are naturally low in height and lowin spin. Pro V1x is the choice of Justin Thomas, DanielleKang, and Matt Fitzpatrick, to name a few.
Available in White. High Optic Yellow coming soon.
• High Flight Trajectory
• Maximum Short Game Spin
• Firm Feel
For Higher Flight
Not all players flight their golf ball the same, but optimal trajectory will lead to more distance on all shots. Pro V1xflies higher than Pro V1, which can help if you have a naturally low ball flight and might gain total distance by adding a few feet to their peak height. The aerodynamics that inspire the higher trajectory of Pro V1x also deliver a steeper angle of descent, should you need more stopping power to hold the green.
For More Spin
Pro V1x has slightly more spin than Pro V1 through the bag. If your launch conditions tend to be low in spin, more spin could optimize your distance by getting those shots to carry a bit farther, with more stopping power. Around the green, Pro V1x delivers spin on all the shots you need to shoot your lowest scores. This is due to its unique construction which includes a soft cast urethane cover working in concert with the casing layer.
For Firmer Feel
Feel is a preference that every player experiences in their own unique way. For some, it’s the click on a putt, the nip of a flop shot, or the sound and collision off the tee. On every shot, the overall construction of the Pro V1x is firmer than Pro V1 and inspires confidence to shoot your lowest scores.

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