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Titleist EXP-01 Golf Balls - White

Titleist EXP-01 Golf Balls - White

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Titleist EXP-01 Golf Balls

The EXP-01 stands for Experiment-01. These balls comes directly from Titleist's R&D lab. One of many Titleist experiment balls, this is the first ball to make it from the lab to the sales floor. EXP-01 has 3 key design features that set it apart.

  • MTR Developmental Cover System: The thermoplastic urethane prototype cover was developed through relentless material and process experimentation, and has been chosen as the best option to enhance your short game spin
  • Innovative Core Technology: The high speed core construction and specialized casing layer deliver low spin on long shots. Offering great distance and a tight dispersion.
  • Proprietary 346 Dimple Design: Through loads of testing, the propriety aerodynamic package has demonstrated an optimized flight profile which gives peak performance with every hit.
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