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Tour Edge

Tour Edge Exotics E723 Driver

Tour Edge Exotics E723 Driver

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Shaft - Flex

Exotics E723

This ultra-premium 460cc profile designed for maximum forgiveness takes MOI to the absolute extreme! The E723 Driver’s extreme low rearward CG position produces an extremely high MOI of 5600 g/cm2, the highest MOI driver Tour Edge has ever produced.

The E723 Driver features a Flight Tuning System on a new sliding track, while bringing the ultimate in power, feel and forgiveness through Tour Edge’s breakthrough 360-degree Ridgeback and Diamond Face VFT technologies.

Flight Tuning System

Sliding the weight on the adjustable track allows for a +/- 10-yard heel and toe bias in directional flight. For example, if you were to slide the weight all the way to edge of the Fade position, your flight would adjust 10 yards to the right for a right-handed player, and vice versa for the Draw setting.

360° Ridgeback Technology

For the E723, Tour Edge engineers created a thinner, more refined Ridgeback activation for increased structural properties and 360-degree perimeter weighting. The Titanium Ridgeback spine running from the center of the face through the crown now wraps around the entire perimeter to frame the entire clubhead. In addition to adding more support on off center shots, this perimeter titanium has boosted MOI significantly.

Quad Carbon Tech

Quad Carbon Tech saves considerable weight in the clubhead, allowing for the 360-degree Ridgeback design, an increase in MOI, greater face flex in the heel and toe areas so off- center hits achieve greater power. This weight savings has been re-purposed to the ideal location to help with creating optimal CG location.

Diamond Face VFT

The "mini trampolines" that make-up Diamond Face VFT create faster ball speeds and an expanded sweet spot. The C723's increase in Diamond Face coverage to the extreme heel and toe dramatically increases ball speed on off-center hits while also greatly aiding forgiveness on these strikes.

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