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Women's Tour Edge Hot Launch E523 Combo Set

Women's Tour Edge Hot Launch E523 Combo Set

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Shaft - Set Make-Up

Hot Launch E523

The Hot Launch E523 Iron set is available as a combo set that allows golfers to replace the long irons with E523 Hybrids. This combo set is an extremely versatile iron set available for golfer’s seeking Extreme Game Improvement spec clubs.

Why E523

This versatile combo hybrid/iron set is best for the moderate swing speed player. If you're looking for a forgiving hollow-body iron that will maximize forgiveness and launch, while also providing two matching hybrids, then look no further. Every club in this set is designed to achieve maximum distance and forgiveness on each shot.

Set Make Up -The E523 2x5 combo set comes with #4 and #5 Hot Launch E523 Hybrids as the long irons in the set. The E523 hollow-body irons known as iron-woods are featured as the 6-iron through Pitching Wedge.

Ball Speed - The Hot Launch E523 Hybrid increases ball speed over a traditional iron for the ultimate in power creation, while the hollow-body iron-wood designs of the Hot Launch E523 Iron set consistently rank as some of the highest launching, most forgiving and easiest-to-hit irons in golf.

Houdini Sole - Both clubs featured in the combo set offers the game-changing Houdini Sole in conjunction with a super-shallow face, slice-fighting offset designs and heel weighting for added draw bias.

Ultra-Light Premium Shafts - The E523 Combo Set comes stock with the super-light UST Mamiya HL-SST graphite shaft by that range from 45 to 60 grams depending on the flex. It is also available in a True Temper XP-85 steel shaft.

The UST Mamiya HL-SST shafts feature Stabilized Shaft Tech, a softer tip and a mid-range flex. Stabilized Shaft Tech is an added cross weave that reduces ovaling for better stability during the loading and unloading of the shaft.

The True Temper XP-85 steel shaft is designed to deliver maximum peak trajectory for explosive distance and are an excellent option for players wanting a higher ball flight with a moderate ball spin.

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